birthday cupcakes and bedtime


She contacted me and told me that her husband and her daughter share a birthday and she wanted to surprise him with a photo session at their home.  She told me she loved how I captured real life.  So she wanted some photos of daddy and daughter.  A few of all of them just hanging out.  Maybe playing in their yard.  Maybe a few cupcakes.  And then I suggested photographing them getting little miss ready for bed.  She loved the idea and I was so excited to meet them.

I spent two hours with them and I loved this session so much.  Even though real life came in the form of a double ear infection for little miss, mom and dad were so wonderful and sweet with her.  I stood back and just snapped away as they interacted with one another.  No posing.  Just them.  Hanging out.  Playing in their yard. A few cupcakes.  And then the bedtime routine.  Melt my heart.

I couldn’t decide on 15 or so photos to highlight in a blog post, so instead I created the slideshow below set to a sweet little song.  I wanted you to see the whole story of our time together.  This is what I love to do.  Real life.  Story.  I hope more families will realize how magical it is to capture real life in their own home.  Thank you, M family, for inviting me into yours and allowing me to do just that.




skeller - Real Life is THE BEST!!! Love these images so much, Stacey. Such a sweetness to them. And the pictures at bedtime in her room when she keeps looking back at you as if to say “Hey Lady! You’re not usually here for this!” kinda crack me up :-). Beautiful, beautiful. Oh, how I wish I had these kinds of pictures of my family when my boys were babies!

Andrea - Beautiful!!! Home sessions are so hard but you make it look easy peasy!
I’d definitely say you’ve joined the ranks of Molly Flanagan and Tara Whitney! You have a gift – a real, honest talent. You’ve been blessed with a great photography eye.

Heather M. - adore. these are so beautiful and perfect, stacey. you were made for this. the ones of her sucking her thumb got me every time. but that last one of her with her daddy made me cry.

tracey - These are soooooo perfect. I love the black and white ones near the end where they are changing her diaper. What a gift to give to this family! Now, why would anybody want portraits when they can have this?

gina - I LOVED this! So very beautiful! What a beautiful family!

Naomi - Seriously love. When can you do ours? :) and the ones where shes sucking her thumb…gah. I die. :)

sara - stacey.
these are incredible.
makes me want to fly you up here to do this for my family.

you are a rockstar!

Nikki Sinclair - Perfect. I am speechless. Love love love.

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