a convo with her



I was sitting on the dock and they were playing in the sand.  After a bit she noticed me there and came over to have a little conversation.  She talked about the beautiful day.  She saw the ducks in the water near by and pointed them out to me.  She laughed at Leo chasing them and giggled when he shook off and got her all wet.  She talked about her restaurant on the beach and her menu.  She asked me what I would like her to make me.  She brought over her creations and proudly told me about each one.  I sat there with my camera on my lap and aimed it up, shooting a few frames as she chatted away.



I love hearing her talk.  I love hearing her sweet voice and the creative things that come from her mind.  I love having convos with her.



And speaking of conversations…

My dear friend Tracey and I have started up our own conversation in a form of a little photo project.  We were both longing for something to exercise our creative photography muscles and decided upon “photoconvo“, a tumblr site devoted to a simple photo conversation between the two of us, Tracey in California and me in Minnesota.  It’s been a fun way for us to connect across the miles and a great way for us to encourage each other creatively.  Please visit here and be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to start at the beginning of our conversation!  I hope to see you there.

Heather M. - so awesome. looking forward to following your convo. :)

michelle - I adore that you guys almost posted the exact same post. ;)

And your photo convo project is perrrrrfection. I love it more than I can tell you!!

Andrea - The perfect thing for you two creative gals to do!! Have fun! Looks like a fun project. I hear ya on needing the creative muscles exercised. I’ve had nothing lately and am thinking of deleting my blog altogether. Looking fwd to seeing your “Convo” between dear friends play out. :-)

tracey - Love the black and whites, the light on her face and her hair blowing in the breeze. :) Yes, someday our girls will meet.

Karli - LOVE YOUR PHOTO CONVO!!!! Yes I’m screaming!!! So cool… love it! So creative… never seen anything like that. Big fat love it.
And love these b&w’s too! Love how she’s in that little bit of sun with the dark background. Beautiful!

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