summer days and nights



It was a great summer day.  The weather this week has been perfect.  Perfect.  After our never ending winter and very wet spring it’s like the heavens have fallen onto Minnesota.  And we have been soaking up every minute.  Because here in Minnesota we know that tomorrow is the 4th of July, and after that it’s all downhill, it’s like we can feel our summer already slipping away.  It’s so short, but oh so sweet, our Minnesota summer.

My friend Tracey wrote a post about a month ago about her summers in California and at the end of her post she asked what we thought of when we think of summer.  So these things….these are what I think of…



Lazy mornings.  Cartoons and movies and reading them books before bed.  Bike rides.  Picking wild flowers.  Trips to every park in town.  The little farmer’s market and a trip to the library every Thursday afternoon.  Fresh tomatoes with every meal.  Sweet corn with every meal.  Grilling every night.



Yearly trip to Mountain Lake with all the cousins.  PowWow days.  Carnivals and small town parades and lots of candy.  Birthday parties.  All the neighborhood kids playing until the sun goes down.  Dirty feet and not remembering when they last had a bath.



The pool.  Swimming and swimming and swimming some more.  Goggles and noodles and inner-tubes.  The smell of sunscreen on their skin and chlorine in their hair.  Tan lines and natural blonde highlights.  Playdates.  Chasing Leo in the back yard barefoot.  Cotton in the air like summer snow from the cottonwood trees.



Fairmont trips.  The aquatic park.  And the lake.  Playing on the beach, sitting on the dock, boat rides.  Skipping rocks with daddy, wet dog smell.  The Channel Inn and the Channel burger, feeding the ducks. The Dairy Freeze.



Gorgeous sunsets. The screened in porch on hot humid nights, watching the fireflies at dusk and listening to the water on the beach as the last of the boats come in. Running with sparklers and watching fireworks create colorful reflections on the water.  Mosquito bites.



Strawberry picking.  Iced coffee.  Freezies making their lips turn blue.  Twins baseball at Target Field.  Date nights and sitting outside every chance we get.  Our anniversary.  Road trips to the Dells, or “up north”, or maybe the Black Hills someday just like when we were kids.



The little farm stand down the road.  The ice cream shop downtown.  Air conditioning on those hot humid days.  Feeling like you are walking into a sauna when taking a step outside.  Running through sprinklers and setting up the blow up pool in the yard to cool off.  Lemonade stands.  Letting them stay up late.  The Minnesota State Fair.



We have a very very busy July coming up filled with a lot of the things I mentioned above.  Loving summer and hope you enjoying it too, wherever you are.

Heather M. - i love this post so much. makes me want to do my own. hope you enjoy every last little bit of your summer. xo

tracey - I had the same feeling that M did when you said it was downhill after the 4th. I’ve been in Chicago mid summer so I kinda know what you mean. Ugh. BUT, I do love your summer list. Such a great list.

andrea - I loved this list. I love to hear what my friends are doing in other parts of the country – makes me feel connected to you a bit more. :)
Summer just starts after the Fourth here – that’s the saying around here. I had no idea that it all goes so fast for you after the Fourth. That’s kinda sad.
Love that pool. Even though I don’t swim, I have always loved the idea of sitting by a pool in the summer and soaking it all in – it’s quintessential summer, right? Wish I could hang there with you and chat and watch the kids play in the pool. Who knows, maybe Max would even get in. ;)
The light in these photos is lovely.

michelle - My heart broke a little when you said, “it’s the fourth of July tomorrow and it’s all downhill after that.”

I do know that feeling. It’s the anticipation of summer in the spring and the dread of fall in the summer. It really does steal some of the joy from summer and yet, makes it that much sweeter. Fabulous post. Eli is looking so old and so much more like Evie these days.

And I want that pool. In my backyard.

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