the big birthday party



Every summer we head to Darin’s sister’s house to celebrate all of the cousin’s birthdays/half birthdays.  As mentioned previously, this year was no exception.  I thought I would share the birthday pics from this summer tradition.

When I saw the fabulous rainbow cupcake cake that was ready for the kids and their candles I asked where it was made.  My sister-in-law Dana made it.  Pretty impressive, right?  She said she found the idea on Pinterest and that the photo she saw there looked much better than what she made.  Um…I beg to differ.  And let’s just mention Dana has three kids, one of which is a very busy two year old, and she made this cupcake cake.  I would have never had the patience to attempt such an undertaking.  Thankfully it was saved by yours truly before the candle lighting when that very busy two year old tried to snag a cupcake and in the process nearly brought them all crashing to the floor.  Never a dull moment, friends.

I do believe this is year number four of our summer tradition (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).  It’s been so fun to see these cousins grow up together, now ages 8 and under.  Please forgive me if you are now suddenly craving a chocolate cupcake with rainbow icing.


michelle - Oh my! Those cupcakes are beautiful! Very pinterest-worthy. I love seeing all the cousins together celebrating. I was reading in my Sabbath book yesterday about Litury. Those practices that mark time as consecrated. The author was saying how we do it in church but also in our culture. He mentioned birthdays. There is usually a cake, a candle and a certain song. He was saying those moments are consecrated and holy. It was an epiphany about birthdays for me. You are one of the best at that particular practice and I always love seeing your photos. :)

andrea - that cupcake cake is amazing!!
love it!

Dorann Montgomery - These precious little ones are mine. They call me Grammie. It takes talented Stacey to grab these moments and do her amazing job of making our fun and memorable times together come alive.She catches little bodies in their innocent and sweet expressions delighting those who by chance open her site.
Proud of you Stace’. Love you and thanks

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