in the shadows



This past weekend we went to Mountain Lake for the annual big birthday party for all of the cousins.  In the past we’ve gone during Pow Wow Days for the carnival and parade, but because that didn’t work with our schedules this year we just hung out at the house, had cake and ice cream and opened presents, and let the kids play in the kiddie pool.  (Photos to come.)

In the midst of kiddie pool fun with seven kids, one of the seven snuck away for some time to herself on the swing set.  My introvert self could relate with her, wanting to break away from the party for a little rest.  In fact, it was just what I was doing myself.  Camera in hand, waiting in the shadows for the sweet girl.


the big birthday party » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] sister’s house to celebrate all of the cousin’s birthdays/half birthdays.  As mentioned previously, this year was no exception.  I thought I would share the birthday pics from this summer […]

Heather - I would be hanging out in that corner with you too. Love these summery photos!

tracey - I’d be taking advantage of that quiet corner too! Love the deep contrast of these photos, sort of moody and I like it. Hope you had a great time!

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