finger paints



When she asked me if she could get out the finger paints I sighed.  But they always make such a mess, I thought.  I agreed reluctantly.  I’ve been trying to embrace the mess this summer, knowing how much she loves art and crafting and creating.  Even if it takes a little bit of effort on my part.  She retrieved the paints from the cabinet and started to use her little hands to make fairies and notes to mom.  Then her brother joined her, adding to the chaos of color and paper on the table.  An explosion, he said.  That’s what he was painting.  Minutes later a knock on the door and they were beckoned outside by one of their neighbor friends and in a flash they were gone, leaving me with the explosion of containers and creations to pick up.

But instead of cleaning up, I noticed the lovely light streaming in after the afternoon rain shower.  The shadows, the hues, the highlights.  I decided to do a little creating myself.  Capturing the evidence of my E’s, but also embracing the mess and using it to remind myself of my love for art and for creating.  Picking up my camera has been taking much more of an effort these days.  But I’m thankful for kids that daily help me remember the joy of making something new, that make it impossible for me not to pick up my camera.

Naomi - These are so pretty. Lovely light. Way to let them make a mess. I cringe a lot lately with messes seeing as it is really hard for me to clean anything these days!

tracey - I sigh when Bean wants to get craft messy too. But I’m glad you that you picked up your camera and captured the traces of their creative spirits in that lovely light.

Andrea - You’re a good mom, embracing the mess. I avoid the mess at all costs if I can. Too type A for my own good.
You captured beautiful light and shadows. You’re such a master of light!

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