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Because it’s just been a week and because lately I’m just in this “blah” blogging place (don’t worry, I’ll pull out of it, I always do), I needed some help with a post today.  I found this pin on Pinterest and thought I’d share with you what I’m up to currently.  If you are a blogger yourself feel free to join me, I would love to also know what you are currently up to this lovely day.


Currently I’m…

Reading…Charlotte’s Web to the kids each night before bed.  They love it and so do I.  I’m in between books for myself and am open to suggestions.

Playing…with my earring in my ear as I try to think of responses to these questions.

Watching…SYTYCD.  It’s pretty much the only TV show I watch in the summer. (Amy and MaKenzie are probably my favorites at the moment.)

Trying…to take it easy, doctor’s orders, after a quick trip to the ER this morning.  (I’m fine, just a cyst causing me some pain, why do these things always happen JUST when the weather is finally getting beautiful??)

Cooking…me, cook?  Um…my husband is grilling lots right now, so that counts, right?

Eating…a bowl of cereal for lunch.


Calling…my mom. Nearly every day.

Texting…everyone else.

Pinning…the normal.  Chocolate things to bake, clothes I’ll probably never own, and wonderful walls I wish I could recreate in my house.

Crafting…a gift for someone. And I’m not a crafter.

Doing…yoga, when I can.  My hip has been causing me issues and yoga seems to be the only thing that I can do that doesn’t cause trouble.  And I really do love it.

Going…a little bit crazy because my bangs desperately need a trim and I can’t get into my stylist until next week.  Always wait too long to make that appointment!

Loving…Evie’s current obsession with fairies and the little fairy houses she makes for them in our front yard.

Hating…or strongly disliking…mosquitoes.

Discovering…that my house will be a permanent mess until school starts again.  And that’s okay.

Enjoying…the warm weather that has finally come to Minnesota.  Please Minnesotans, don’t you dare complain about the heat and humidity that’s coming this weekend.  Get yourself near a body of water and you’ll be fine.

Thinking…about July and the fun things we have planned with the kids and a weekend date planned with my boyfriend.

Feeling…excited about an upcoming photo shoot of a one-year-old and her family.

Hoping…for a good turnout for Evie’s little birthday party next week.

Listening to…Phillip Phillips.  I know you probably think I’m lame because he was on American Idol and all that, but he’s like a cross between John Mayer and Dave Matthews and plays a mean guitar and I like that.

Celebrating…that I found a swimming suit to wear for the summer.  Can I get a Hallelujah?

Smelling…the mint lotion I put on my arms this morning.

Thanking…my husband for driving down from work to take me to the ER and my mom for coming over to watch the kids.  I’m so blessed.

Considering…the perfect place I’m going to the display the gorgeous 30’s quilt my wonderful mother-in-law gave me.  It deserves it’s own blog post which will be sure to come soon.

Finishing…my cereal I’m eating for lunch.

Starting…to feel the effects of the pain meds.  I think I might rest my eyes a bit.

Happy Thursday, friends.



Nikki - Great list. Praying for your recovery – rest well. Amen to finding a swimsuit. I am exciting for your photo shoot as well. ;) And Phillip Phillips…totally catchy and great.

michelle - Good list. Lots to cover. SYTYCD. YES!
Swimsuit? Jealous!
ER. Darn it.
Messy Summer Vacation House. I’m there with you.
Cooking? Not lately.

Love you, S.

tracey - Hope you are feeling better!!!! And can’t wait to see that quilt!

andrea - hope you are feeling better soon!!
i’ve seen these posts before. cute idea. i’ll have to try it some day when i have the blogging blahs.

Laura - I need a swimming suit…where did you find a good one? Hope you get a nice rest today. :)

Jessica - Doh. Just reread it and found the line I skipped.

Jessica - Perhaps I missed something… ER? Pain meds? What happened? And I’m so curious about the fun things you have planned next month!

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