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I can’t create a coherent thought lately, which means you get random today.  And this post may or may not contain multiple references to our weather.  I apologize in advance.

Speaking of weather (see? I’m sorry), did you know that Minneapolis beat Seattle in number of cloudy and dreary days last month (and we are on track to do it again in June)?  We also had twice as much rain and much cooler temperatures.  Just so you know what we are dealing with here.

Confession: I cried at the dentist today.  Yep.  Totally cried.  Like tears running down my face cried.  What am I?  Six?  I was getting some fillings replaced and the nice lady put the lovely gas on.  Except I wasn’t really feeling it’s effects like I normally do, so I asked if they could turn it up.  They said they did, but I wasn’t so sure. So the doctor (did I mention he’s cute? yep, cute doctor) comes in and gives me the novocain.  Usually I can’t feel it.  But today I noticed the poke, and then a major zing in my tongue that totally made me jump off my chair.  Then the anxiety came, along with the tears.  I’m not sure what came over me, usually I don’t get that anxious at the dentist.  I’m blaming the weather for my emotional outbursts.

It’s the first full week of summer vacation and I can say that I have not missed the rushing around in the mornings.  Slowly getting ready, relaxing on the couch with my coffee while the kids play, letting the kids eat breakfast whenever.  I’m loving having them both home again.

You know what else I’m loving?  SYTYCD.  My husband did a pretty good impression of Cat Deeley last night.  He sits and watches it with me.  I love him.



I’m getting much more comfortable with seeing photos of myself.  Maybe because I’m getting to that “I don’t care” stage.  I’m 35 and I’m finally starting to not really care about what people think about me.  Sure, I still get self-consious about certain things, and I’m still working on my insecurities, but if people don’t love me for who I am, well, I’m learning not to care.

After having the dark chocolate Ghirardelli chocolate chips the Nestle ones just don’t compare.  And God knows with this weather I’ve had my fair share of dark chocolate, so I should know.

Today’s my dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dad!  Love you.

Confession: Sometimes the kids brush their teeth and then say they are hungry and then we give them ice cream and then go to bed without rebrushing their teeth.

Can we just talk about Etsy for a second?  I enjoy Etsy.  Have found some great stuff on Etsy.  I’m all about supporting handmade, blah, blah blah.  But don’t you wish Etsy had a “filter out the crap” button?  It would make shopping on Etsy much easier.

We recently got rid of the desk in our office and made it a sitting room.  We got two comfy chairs, one that sits right next to the window looking out the front of our house.  It’s where I’m sitting right now, windows open, listening to all the neighbor kids play outside.  Because it finally stopped raining.

I took these photos on the one nice day we had this week.  Monday.  It was gorgeous.  Sunny and high 70’s and little E and I went for a walk with Leo and I could feel it.  I could feel being filled up.  I could feel the sun ooze through me and my mood was suddenly better.  Isn’t it amazing how a little sun will do that?  Praying that we get some more of those sun filling days here soon.


Amanda - Thank you for the ESTY comment… totally made me laugh out loud.

Jean - i had a total melt down, too and cried! my hotel was cancelled and i had to re-book it elsewhere… the weather had nothing to do with it. i don’t know, i like it, but i know it is not helping the people around me that suffer from seasonal depression because it lingers and it just really sucks. i’m not complaining right now but i am sure come july when i am done w/ my summer classes, you will hear me roar! i hope the forecast is correct about the following few days. sunshine and a little cloudy.

i never cared what people say about me (however i do get self-conscious too, we all do). i was that girl that they thought was a boy and now i’m that girl that get asked when i’m getting married. blah blah blah. i was always the stubborn one, the misfit, didn’t care as long as i was happy. i always knew i was the “weird” one and i was okay with it. i love being me. all four feet nine inches of me. :)

stacey, i don’t know you, but from your blog, you’re a great mother. the things your children do, you already know they have great parents. such a cute family. your skills as a photographer and writer always amaze me and keep me coming back for more. and the profession you’re in, the time you put in and spend away from your family during holidays too amazes me. love that i don’t care what people think about me attitude because those people don’t matter anyway.

well, some sunshine today. hope you are out enjoying it, which i am more than sure you are!! :) have a great weekend!!

michelle - If it’s any comfort to you Stacey, I once completely bawled at the dentist. I’m not a public crier and don’t have dental anxiety but they told me I needed a root canal and told me what it would cost and it just seemed like the worst thing… as I sat in the chair bawling they patted my shoulder and gave me FREE gas. ;) (anything to calm me down, I think).

I love your list. It’s the last day of school here today and I’m aching for the quieter days of summer. Enjoy your days with your kids at home.

And SYTYCD. Natalie and I (and even Ken, now) tune in religiously and live vicariously through all these gifted dancers. Although I will say, this season is tough for me without Eliana there. She is my all time favorite.

Okay. Praying for better weather. (((hugs)))

Jessica - Sorry for all your gloomy weather, lady. Makes me sad to hear about it, and I totally understand. I felt like I literally couldn’t stay in Kalispell, MT anymore after several months of gray. I HAD to get outta there. If it helps any, it is so crazy hot and humid here now that people don’t go outside anymore. We all just lay around inside our air conditioned homes feeling lazy and tired. I’m guessing that doesn’t help, but gosh I sure miss cool air right now.

Heather M. - Every time I read one of your randomness posts I want to do one of my own. I love them. You know how much I miss you so these peeks into the bits of your life make me feel so much more connected to you. Hugs!

Laura - I liked this. :)

Tracey - We had icecream at the Ghirardelli icecream place in Ghirardelli Square over the weekend. Yummy!
AND the other day last week I was sitting at the computer eating some Ghirardelli dark choco chips and thinking the SAME THING. I kept thinking, “these are really really good and soooooo not Nestle.” I hid them in my desk drawer. I’ve never done that before!

Andrea - Ouch! about the dentist! (I was there today too – just a cleaning though) Dental pain is the worst. I have horribly sensitive teeth and told the hygienist it’d be nice if she could numb me for my cleaning. ;)
Ah, the weather! While its hard to believe you out numbered Seattle with rainy days, I do believe you. ;-) though down here in SW WA we had three inches in three days last month. Gah! Now you can see why all of us in the PNW are depressed and on antidepressants all the time. They also blame the weather for Seattle being such a not-so-friendly city.
Glad you’re feeling comfortable with being you! Hope it continues for you. I think the older I’ve gotten the less comfortable I feel in my skin. And the more I seek the approval of others. Which is just really pathetic and sad really. You’re doing something right, my friend!! Keep it up!
Hope the sunshine comes your way soon!
Happy summertime to you!

Carla - I forgot to mention that I’m also loving SYTYCD. Do you have any favorites?

Carla - Love the photo of you and E!! I understand what you mean about not caring so much what people think. I’m getting there myself.
The weather!!!! I’m SO OVER IT!! I don’t blame you one bit for crying. I also think it is perfectly acceptable for to blame the weather for the emotions. It sure makes me want to cry.
Here’s hoping to warmer weather, my friend. :)

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