her last day of second grade



Today was her last day as a second grader.  She woke up excited for her day, insisted on wearing something special, and wanted me to put a braid in her hair.  When I asked her if she was ready for the school year to be done she said, yes, that she was happy for summer.  But then she immediately said how much she would miss her teacher.

I escorted her into school and she caught up with one of her friends.  She walked to her locker and performed her normal routine of taking her lunch out of her backpack and picking out a snack from the snack cart.  She walked into her room and skipped over to Mrs. Bussmann and gave her the gift and card she had carefully picked out and made.  Hugs followed, a photo, thank yous and misty eyes, and I wished them both a wonderful last day.



I went to go pick her up this afternoon and had planned on taking a photo of her excitedly running out to the van like she normally does.  But this is the only photo I got….



….because my sweet Miss Evie walked out of school sobbing as she had just said goodbye to her beloved teacher.  She stepped into the van and totally broke down, telling me she just was going to miss her so much!  It was so sweet it made me cry.  I couldn’t take a photo.  I just held her hand while I drove back home and promised her that she would see her again.  And that next fall there would be a new wonderful teacher and that she would be in the third grade.  The third grade.

It was a good year.  So proud of my girl.  She is a star.  Our sweet shining star.


Heather M. - I adore these photos. Such a gift to have them. I hope I can be brave on Helayna’s last day of school to take some too. She is such a sweetheart. I’m so glad she had a good year.

tracey - This post was so sweet. But honestly, I could not get past the fact that she has a locker. ??

gina - so very sweet. (Tess has that dress too!)

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