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The other day I woke up and saw the dreary sky and looked at yet another forecast of chilly temps and rain and declared, “I hate this weather.”  To which my almost 8-year-old gasped and said, “Mom, you said the “h” word!”.  Whoops.  So I rephrased.  “I strongly dislike this weather.”

You see, growing up I remember my mom teaching us never to use the word “hate”, especially in relation to people.  I remember being told that “hate” is a very strong word, it’s not a nice word.  So we’ve taught our kids the same thing.  I feel like if we are all about spreading the love, hate isn’t a word that should be in our vocabulary.  Even if it relates to cheese.  Some day you might like cheese, Evie, so don’t say you hate it.  “Mom, I strongly dislike cheese.”

So being it’s Monday.  And since I’m just in one of those moods.  And since I’m feeling the need to counteract all of my “what I’m loving right now” posts.  I thought I’d talk about a few things I strongly dislike right now.  Mixed in with some pretty flower photos.  Because you need some random pretty flower photos to go along with the strongly dislikes.



Let me explain the random pretty flower photos…  Our lovely crab apple tree blossomed last week.  I was waiting for a beautiful sunny day to go out and take a few photos of it, but last week it was nothing but windy and rainy and chilly (hence my previous comment about strongly disliking the weather).  I knew the blossoms were not going to last long, so after the rain stopped briefly one afternoon I decided to capture a few frames.  I strongly dislike that the wind and rain blew off all the blossoms the next day.



I strongly dislike shopping for swimming suits.  It seems as if all swimming suits are made for tall women with a nice sized chest and small hips and legs, neither of which I have.  And I’m short.  Which makes shopping for swimming suits dreadful.

I strongly dislike anything relating to the store Justice.  What is it with this store?  My daughter insists we go inside every time we are at the mall and I cringe the entire visit.



I strongly dislike when Costco does not have decent samples.  I mean, come on.  I count on you, Costco, for lunch for myself and my child.  I purposely come at the lunch hour in order to get perfectly sized bites of cheese, bread, pizza, spinach dip, popcorn, potstickers, fruit and yogurt smoothies, protein bars, and gummy vitamins.  Balanced meal.  I strongly dislike when you don’t deliver for me.

Speaking of lunches, I strongly dislike making school lunches.  One more day of school. One more school lunch to make until September.  Can I get an Amen?  (and read this for a good laugh)



I strongly dislike when the windshield wipers are on and it’s not raining.  Or if the wipers are going on full blast and it’s only sprinkling. Or if the wipers make that horrible sound when there is no moisture on the windshield.

I strongly dislike the phrase “Bahahahahaha!!”.  I mean, do people actually sound like this when something is really hilarious and they are laughing really hard?  I personally do not think so.



I strongly dislike when the gal at Caribou, after you’ve ordered your coffee and they’ve already asked “is that all?”, asks you if you want a banana muffin or a raspberry chocolate chip scone to go with your coffee.  No, thank you.  When you asked me “is that all?” and I said “yes” that meant I do not want a banana muffin or a raspberry chocolate chip scone to go with my coffee.

I strongly dislike ticks.  Enough said.

And with that thought I bid you goodnight.  You can blame me if you dream about ticks tonight.  Look at the pretty flower….  Look at the pretty flower…


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skeller - I’m looking at the pretty flower. Ticks, ewwwww. I’M LOOKING AT THE PRETTY FLOWER. And I’m pretty sure there’s no activity that more quickly takes away a middle-aged-mom’s dignity and sense of well-being faster than bathing suit shopping … I need to scroll back thru and be mesmerized more by the pretty flowers and forget about ticks and bathing suits.

tracey - I looked at these the other night on my phone. Just coming back today to see them on my computer. I love them so. So moody and I love that there is really only two colors in these photos, the pink and green, with a shot of the concrete. So cool!

And the same day you posted this I was online shopping for swimsuits. I HATE shopping for swimsuits. I had an entire cart full on Athlete and was going to just buy a bunch and try them on. I had my cart page open all day. Bean came home from school and got on my computer to play Webkinz and closed the browser. My cart was LOST!!!! Now I have to muster up the energy to start all over again. Bleh.

Oh, and I hate it when anybody says, “will that be all?” Seriously. Wait, no it’s not. Let me get out of line and run and get more and hold up the line. Yes, that is all. Usually I get in my car and realize I forgot something. And then, no, that was not all. Back into the store….

Jean - The only bad word my dad has ever said in my 28 years is the B.S. word. That was when some guy hit my sister with his bike. The guy said he didn’t see my sister and my dad said it. I was appalled.

I often wonder about that, too.. The Bahahaha. I find it quite funny when some people talk and you know they have that “internet” language, such as using “nom, nom.” I find it quite funny and how much their vocabulary turns me off. I think they need to start blogging and stop facebooking or at least, stop ghost following, stalkers.

Ticks. Gross. Gross. Gross.

I know… Our flower tree lasted about two weeks. I think this weather is making up for April. And I love these photos. Love how you make me forget about the things we dislike.

Heather M. - love the processing on these photos. fits the mood so well. you have such a beautiful eye. i wish i would have thought to take photos like these when sara and i went out.

and um, guilty. i type bwahahaha sometimes. i’ll work on it.

i also hate that sound of the windshield wipers when there isn’t enough water on the windshield. sometimes when jonathan is driving i want to reach over and adjust the wipers. :P

Amen to the school lunches and bathing suit shopping too.

Amanda - Hey you…I am also in love with your processing on these images. So beautiful. They are not your “norm” but they are still so very much you. Just lovely. And this weather can take a hike….I’m so over it.

Justice? Don’t even get me started. Caroline doesn’t care so much fot that store but Isabel is an entirely different story. Yuck.

Had to laugh about the school lunches. I’m with ya, sister. Bringing C Subway for lunch b/c I’m just too lazy to make one.more.school.lunch. We’re limping across the finish line over here! :)

Been meaning to text you back – so, so sorry I have not. Let’s really do cofee and the park soon. xoxox

Andrea - These are so dark and moody! Love this! Ditto everything Karli said.
Ticks – of both kinds are a pain!!
Ah the word hate – such a strong word. My parents drove it into us never to use it but once I got older I decided there were a few little instances in which it really was how I felt. And that was okay. :-)

Laura - hehe I’m smiling and nodding my head. :)

liza - So, what kind of ticks do you mean? The “eye twitching” kinda of tick or the actual bloodsucking little buggers. In which case, I’m with you. I found one once in the youngest ear…not inner ear but on the cartilage right next to the opening…[gasp]. I certainly, pray for nicer weather. Your blossoms are so pretty, however, the sun is or isn’t shining ; )

Karli - I strongly LOVE, and I mean L O V E your dark moody processing on these. LOVE. I love them so much more than if they were bright and sunny.
Insanely LOVE THEM.
And I really had to restrain myself from skimming over any comments I’ve left for you with the phrase BAHAHAHA!!! Yes, I am a BAHAHAHA user. I will try to restrain myself and rid it from my vocabulary. Plus, that was so 2012.

michelle - This post totally cracked me up. ;)

When my kids were little I hated when they said they hated certain foods. ;) They were trained to say (and eventually it became somewhat of a joke) “I don’t prefer that.” ;)

And my big pet peeve is when I put up to a drive through (at a fast food place with an intercom where you can’t see the person you’re talking to) and they instantly say “Hi, welcome to wherever, can I interest you in this or this?” I then say “No thank you.” Then I wait. And it’s awkward. But I insist on them asking me if “What can I get you?” It’s like if I don’t say yes to their sales pitch they then go silent.

It’s a charachter flaw on my part, I’m sure. But I’ve been known to wait a painfully long time until they finally say “Ahhh, go ahead.” ;)

I strongly dislike that. Thankfully, I don’t go to drive thru’s that often. ;)

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