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Over Memorial Day weekend we went up to my dad’s house in Fargo for a little visit.  We, of-course, brought our baby.  Leo.  And my sister brought her baby.  Haddie.  And the two of them together?  Well, it was adorable.  Haddie was in awe of this furry thing towering above her.  And Leo was just as sweet as he normally is, letting Miss H pull his hair and love on him.  It was so cute watching them get to know each other.

A puppy and a baby together?  In one post?  Get ready to gush.


getting reacquainted » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] niece, Haddie, got reacquainted with our sweet Leo and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever.  Remember the first time they met?  Now they are totally […]

smiles at the pottery place » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] As previously mentioned, we took a road trip up to Fargo over Memorial Day weekend to see my dad and Barb.  Since the weather was chilly and rainy (please  please summer come soon), we had to be a bit creative with ideas to keep the kids entertained.  So we thought we’d take them somewhere where they could be just that.  Creative.  The paint your own pottery place.  We all painted some pottery and it was really fun.  Actually, I think the adults got into it even more than the kids. […]

Heather M. - these photos are so adorable!

Carla - OMG! I can’t stop looking at these. That second one . . . be still my heart. The one of the two of them with their heads together . . . *sigh*. Amazing.

Jean - i love how you work that camera, girl. wow! ah-mazing! (i’ll keep saying it, too)!

the one of her grabbing his paw, the size of the two together. wow! cuteness! her looking up at him… all of them. you are right, gushing all over!

Sissy - Haddie just peed her pants a little bit when she looked at these pictures of herself. Thanks, sissy, for always capturing amazingness. 143.

Janine - Gushing. Sooooo sweet.

tracey - I love that Leo is so loving and patient! What a love! And your niece is so adorable!!!

andrea - Now it’s working! After I left my comment on FB.
Anyway – LOVE this! So much cuteness in one place!
Love that very first photo. :)

michelle - I’m totally beside myself with ooey-gooey lovey feelings. A baby and GOlden loving each other? It’s too much. My heart is bursting!!

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