i will never tire of



watching them sleep


baby smiles

a dog laying on my feet

ice cream cake

making memories

steaks on the grill

holding my boyfriend’s hand

my own bed

real mail

picking up my camera

sincere compliments

the feel of their blankets

sour cream

good books that you can’t put down


the sound of her singing

family road trips

counting down to summer

tracey - Family road trips and counting down to summer. Yes!!!! I can almost taste it!

Heather - Yes, love this. Although I can’t admit to the dog one, the rest have my vote too. Love that photo.

andrea - Real mail. Yes!
And a dog at my feet. Double yes!
A good list. You’re so good at coming up with creative blog posts! Why can’t I think of these things?! Lol. That’s why I haven’t blogged for two weeks.
Hope you are doing well, friend.

Michelle - Sour cream.

Good list… Many similarities to what I’d put on a list. :)

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