his hair



I love his hair.

The other day we were in Target (for like the twentieth time that week) and a gal commented on his hair.  She was standing behind the bakery counter.  Eli had just asked for the complimentary cookie, which she graciously gave him.  As we walked away I heard her say to one of her co-workers, “What adorable hair!  He looks like a little surfer. He would fit well in California.”

I do believe he would.


Michelle - Bakery counter? Cookies? What kind of magical MN Target is this??

skeller - I think you ALL would fit well in CA. It’s warm here. You don’t have to shovel snow in May. And there’s the beach. Always the beach …

Heather M. - he has awesome hair. totally surfer boy. i think you should move to california. ;)

my boy wants to grow his hair out. it’s kinda driving me crazy. but then i look at eli’s hair and it’s so cute and then think maybe it won’t be so bad.

liza - He’s one cutie. Is he always smiling?

tracey - YES! Great surfer boy hair!
And…bakery counter at Target??????

Andrea - He has great hair!
But I’m still stuck on the bakery counter at Target! Huh?? None of our targets have a bakery. Lol.

Amanda - He does have the best hair!!! Love it!

Jean - I always thought that about him, too… As your little surfer with great spirits.

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