his last day of preschool (a.k.a. my last day of a kid in preschool ever ever)



It was his last day of preschool today.  Gosh, I don’t remember getting so emotional when it was Evie’s last day.  Maybe because I knew I would be back in this little church program in a few years.  With him.  And then just like that it’s over.  Two years are done and he’s moving on to kindergarten.  It was not only his last day but it was my last day of a kid in preschool ever ever ever.  Ever.  *Insert ugly cry*

But enough about me and my emotional instabilities.  This day is not about me, the crazy mom that can’t handle my baby graduating pre-K.  It’s about my super sweet boy that I am so incredibly proud of.  He is going to rock kindergarten.  He is smart and kind and just an awesome kid.

We enjoyed the last moments of preschool eating ice cream and hanging out with his friends he made there.  We took a photo with his teachers, the same teachers Miss Evie had.  I teared up as I hugged them good-bye, I’ll miss this place (again, Stacey, not about you….focus).  Daddy even drove down from work to join in on the fun.

Love this boy so much and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.  My kindergartener.  *gulp*


Michelle - I so get it.

Heather M. - their growing up is so bittersweet, isn’t it?! sigh… wish we could go for coffee and cry together on our boys’ first day of kindergarten.

Carla - So James’ graduation is on the 5th. I have to speak at it because I’m the director and it’s my job. What are the chances of me making it through without tears? Slim to none. My last baby is all grown up. Time flies.
Love the pic of him and Darin. Cute!

tracey - I’m crying too!!!!! He looks like such a big boy in these photos!!!!

Naomi - Aww, these are so great. Will be fun to look back on! Its ok to be emotional. Kindergarten is a big deal. I thought so :)

Andrea - It’s bittersweet isn’t it?… This made me teary eyed.
I’m glad you and D got in the picture for this special day.
I may be a puddle on Max’s last day of K.

gina - Love these! And posted within hours!!!!! Super Mom! So sweet. xoxo

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