I’m exhausted.  My feet are swollen.  My legs ache.




That’s right.  While most of the world exclaims “t.g.i.f” when Friday rolls around, once every three weeks I’m thanking God it’s Monday.  My tiring 36 hour work weekend is over.

I’ll let Eli speak for me…



Happy happy Monday, friends.

Heather M. - this whole post is. awesome. those photos kill me.

andrea - tgim! hope it was a good day!
E must be taller and bigger than Max. Max is still in a five point harness. Then again maybe laws are different here than in MN?… (Then again I’m the crazy, helicopter mom who’d keep him in a five point forever if I could! LOL! )

tracey - Actually I am enjoying this Monday too. Worked Thur/Fr…had a busy Sat. Yesterday was catching up on laundry and cleaning. Quiet house this morning!
These photos of E are awesome!

michelle - I feel that way every Monday. ;)

I love these images so much.

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