at the dog park


Yesterday was a lovely family day.

Probably the highlight of my Mother’s Day was going with the whole family to the dog park.  We are blessed to live within a short driving distance of this great wooded park, full of trails for walking and a big open area for the dogs to play.  It’s fun that the trees are starting to bud and fill in, providing for the ultimate maze that is not only a blast for the dogs, but for the kidlets as well.  At one point of our walk the kids found a fallen tree and climbed up on it, Leo resting underneath.  We would greet the dogs that would pass by, sitting there enjoying the glorious sunshine.

After the dog park we went for a family bike ride and Darin grilled supper on the deck.  Low key family days like these are my favorite, and it was a perfect way to spend my Mother’s Day.  I hope yours was wonderful, too.


michelle - What a perfect day. I love the shot of you and the kids on the big tree trunk and that Leo is totally laying in the shade under it. That’s a Lanie move. Is he having a hard time getting used to the heat? Lanie is. Love you. Love these images. Happy Mother’s Day.

andrea - Sounds like a wonderful Mother’s Day, Stacey!
Look at that sun and blue skies.
And that first photo of happy Leo – LOVE it! Happy puppy!

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