his first day of five



Today he turned five.  My sweet boy who only a second ago was being lifted over a drape to greet me for the first time, turned five.

He woke up early.  And then woke up Evie.  Before 5:00.  So excited.  He was dressed and ready for the day and begging me to get up so he could open the one present I promised he could open at breakfast. He played with Evie before we brought her to school, then sat at my computer, and practiced his letters so he could get a sticker from his teachers at preschool.  I told him we could go wherever he wanted for lunch.  He choose McDonald’s.  He told everyone he was now five, and today was his birthday.  He gave Nana the biggest hug as she met us there.  He “helped” me with the laundry and napped in the van when we picked Evie back up. We celebrated him tonight.  A Skylander cake and presents and a dear sister who helped blow out the candles on the cake and helped open the presents.  We read stories before bed and I prayed with him and thanked God for him.  I brushed his hair behind his ear and then he put it right back.  “I like my hair over my ears, mama.”  Oh, that’s right.  Silly me.  So then I brushed the hair off his forehead instead and watched him drift off to sleep.

We love you bubby.  Happy Birthday.  You are smart and amazing and such a little sweetheart.  Only you’re not so little anymore.  That’s what you would tell me.  You’d say, “I’m not little, mama!  I’m five!”  But you’ll always be my little E.

michelle - I kept saying to myself, “I love THAT picture, oh THAT picture, no wait, THAT picture.” But I’m only going to point out my utter love and delight at the family picture. So beautiful. I love how you make their birthdays so special and record them with such care. He looks so old now. How can they grow up so fast??

gina - so very sweet, looks like a special day! what a special day! May 9th brought really awesome people into the world…didn’t it? xoxo

Jessica - First, how do you keep your car so CLEAN with that hairy dog of yours? My car is so covered in hair right now and I can’t stand it.

Second, your pics and boy are as sweet as ever. I love these. Your exposure and light are lovely.

Third, what lens are you using these days? Just curious.

tracey - Of course he will always be your little E. :) Glad he had a fun bday!

andrea - Omg! He got up BEFORE 5?!? That’s crazy! Hope the kids don’t always get up that early. I’d die! Lol
Glad he had a nice bday!

Laura - So adorable. I love hearing the special conversations…and these photos tell of such happy memories. Happy birthday little guy. :)

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