his last day of four


He is soooooooooo excited to turn five.

So excited.



But I just had to sit him down for one last time.  As a four year old.

And capture a few giggles and cheesy smiles and him.  Before he turns five.

Oh my heart.


his last day of five » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] (To see how much he’s grown click here.) […]

michelle - He has changed so much since I first started reading your blog. His face has lost his baby-ness and you can now see a glimmer of his “big kid” face. I adore these pictures so much (especially the second one). He is just beyond adorable. I hope Five lives up to his expectations! :)

carla - love these! He is getting so big and looking so much more like a boy than a toddler. Going through the same thing here in about 6 weeks. Can’t believe they are going to kindergarten in the fall! Happy birthday, Eli!

Heather - What a handsome boy! Can’t believe he’s gonna be 5 tomorrow. Hope he has a very happy day!

And that top photo, my boy makes that face all the time.

andrea - Oh my goodness! These photos! That cute face! You have to print and frame these! He looks so much older in these. Love his blonde hair.
Hope he has a wonderful time turning five tomorrow! Xo

tracey - He is such a boy now, I can’t even stand it. He’s looking more and more like you too. Such a sweetie. Have a fun day with him tomorrow!!

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