confession: i cry at commercials



That’s right.  I am a sucker for the sappy commercial.  Especially when it relates to parenthood.  Waterworks.

Last night D and I were watching TV and this Verizon commercial came on.  Totally teared up.  I probably would have teared up anyhow (come on, this is Stacey’s blog you are reading). But just a half hour before watching that commercial I was cuddling with my E as he was just falling asleep, moving his hair out of his eyes across his forehead, and wondering just how much longer he will ask me to stay and snuggle him.  Another year?  Maybe two?  Surely he won’t be 10 and asking me to stay there until he drifts off to dreamland.  I told him I loved him.  In his half sleep he said, “love you too”.  Told him I loved him more.  With eyes closed, little hands gripping his tattered brown blanket he whispered, “love you more than that”.

Commercial of mom and boy came on a half hour later.  And I tear up.  I tell ya, those dang commercials will get me every time.

Love that boy so much and wish he would stay four just a little bit longer.

Heather - Awwww! So sweet! I hope you get snuggles from him for years to come.

skeller - “love you more than that”… somethings tells me he’ll never not be the cuddling type.

Karli - LOVE the pic. Gorgeous.
And my 9 year old still can’t get enough mom time. ;-) He comes to me first thing in the morning and says “hugging time???” And then before bed I’m always requested to stay. Some kids are just snuggly I think. :-)

Andrea - That commercial slays me every.single.time. Tears. A mom and her only sweet son. I totally relate.
I tried to find it to post to FB the other night and couldn’t find it.
Glad I’m not the only one who cries at commercials. ;-)

michelle - Ha! It’s so funny because I totally got emotional watching that same commercial a couple days ago. The other one that kills me is the one of the couple who takes self portraits on their couch in reverse chronological order. It melts me.

Just tell your kids that they are NEVER too old to snuggle. Natalie comes to my bed every single night and gives me a hug and a kiss on each cheek. And Aaron won’t use his arms unless I make him but still leans his whole body on mine and tells me goodnight. It’s just not an option not to snuggle because with my very closest people TOUCH is one of my top love languages. :)

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