what i’m loving right now…


Afternoons back on my porch.



A cool breeze from an open window.

The note on my counter from Evie, “You are the best mom ever”.

A new necklace around my neck.

A fresh haircut.




New window coverings in my bedroom.

This song. And this one.

Lulu lemon’s Wunder Unders.

Less TV time and more reading time.

Less couch time and more out walking Leo time.



Eli’s shaggy *he so needs a haircut but I don’t want him to get a haircut because it’s so cute* hair.

Iced coffee.

The anticipation of date night.

Great neighbors with great kids that play so well with our kids.



The tiny little bright green buds finally appearing on the trees.

Sore muscles.

Bible stories before bed with an E on each side.

Leo’s head out the back window as I drive.



This feeling that life is good.  That at 35 I’m finally feeling pretty good in my own skin.  That I’ve got a marriage that is in a good place right now.  That even though I’ve got issues and struggles and stuff, it’s good.

That’s what I’m loving right now.

michelle - I think the 30’s have been SUPER transformative in terms of working through stuff but at the same time tremendously freeing in terms of having a way better idea of who I am and caring less about trying to fit the mold or please everyone. I love that you are feeling good at 35 and can always see the good, despite the fact that things aren’t “perfect.” That’s the secret to life, I think. Contentment and Gratitude. :)

Heather M. - oh that gone, gone, gone song is SO good. thanks for the link. i adore this list and those photos. they scream summer to me. i hope it comes very, very soon! and i never thought i would enjoy the 30s as much as i have – so much better than the 20s. won’t be long before i’m joining you at 35. love you!

tracey - I need to try those Lulu things. People keep talking about them and I feel like I’m missing out on some magic or something.

And it’s crazy to see E in shorts!! After all those snow photos. Crazy!

I love these photos.

Andrea - All good things. Especially feeling good in your skin at 35 and having a good marriage. Almost 40 and still wonder when, if ever, I will feel good in my own skin. And well, I won’t talk about the marriage part…
Hope you are well friend.

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