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It was my birthday last week.  I wasn’t going to do the “it was my birthday last week” post, but I feel like I owe it to everyone that made it a special day for me.

Like my sweet Evie.

Sweetest thing ever.  She hopped into bed with me when she woke up and gave me a big squeeze, “Happy Birthday Mom!”.

She conspired with her daddy and made sure that mommy had a special cup with sprinkles for her coffee on her birthday morning.  Because that’s what I do for their birthdays.  And she wanted my cup to be special, too:



And it totally made me cry.

She wore a hat and decorated my chair at the table.  She made me a special card.  I absolutely love how excited she gets about birthdays, not just her own.  I do believe she has the same love language as her mama.

Her and Eli gave me several renditions of “Happy Birthday” throughout the day.

I got texts and phone calls and emails and let’s not forget the Facebook notifications.

I met a friend for a birthday coffee and then my mom took me out for lunch.  It was perfect.

I received some really sweet gifts from some really sweet friends.

And the cards.  I love birthday cards.  A few of them made me cry.  A thoughtful card is one of my favorite things.

Oh, and it snowed for my birthday:



I can’t remember the last time it snowed that much on my birthday.  Heck, I can’t remember the last time it snowed on my birthday, period.  So I guess that made it memorable, right?

My husband…oh my husband.  He brought home a bottle of wine for me, grilled a yummy meal on the deck in the middle of a snow storm, patiently dealt with a defiant Evie who refused to do her homework (because it was my birthday and who does homework on birthdays?), patiently dealt with a crying Stacey whose patience was exhausted after dealing with a defiant Evie (but I wasn’t giving in, I was putting my foot down, even on my birthday!), and didn’t even make a fuss when I insisted on a quick timer family shot (because it was my birthday and I wanted everyone in the photo, even Leo looking like psycho dog):



My sweet husband gave me a beautiful simple lovely gift, something I’ve always wanted.  It made me cry (again).

And he got the cake.  The yummy chocolatey goodness from heaven.  He knows the way to my heart.  Oh the cake:



They sang me Happy Birthday, again.

And Darin even snapped a picture of them on my lap as they helped me blow out my candle:



It’s wonderful to feel so loved and special on your special day, isn’t it?  Thank you to everyone that did that for me.  xo

Naomi - So glad you had such a wonderful day. So sorry im such a comment slacker!

Jean - That daughter of yours has such a sweet mama! She really adores you and takes after you! So cute!

So glad you had a great birthday and of course, happy belated birthday! xo

tracey - So glad you had a wonderful bday. That cake is calling to me. (And love psycho Leo.)

Heather M. - ok. the sprinkles on the coffee mug had me crying. then there was the rest of the post. so beautiful. so much love. you make this world a better place, stacey. i wish i could have been the friend you went for coffee with though (and had a piece of that cake too!). xoxo

andrea - looks like you had a wonderful birthday!
such thoughtful things the kids and your husband did for you.
very sweet.

michelle - This post made me want to cry. So much love and such a beautiful family. I love it. I love you.

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