a post where i don’t complain about snow in april



Eli, Leo, and I decided to go play in it (because I was getting a little cooped up inside and the sun was out so what could it hurt).  I brought my camera (because this much snow this late in April must be well documented).  We walked on the paths behind our house and found all the trees so heavy with the wet snow that they formed a little tunnel.  It was pretty and magical (but it was still snow in April so let’s not get too carried away).



We made the most of it before the 40 degree sun melted a lot of it away (thank you sweet Jesus).  Good-bye snow (for reals this time).  Until November (or December, a week before Christmas would be perfectly fine)…


a spring wonderland » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] every once in awhile snow would fall like fairy dust from the trees above us.  It reminded me of this sunny April day when Eli and I went exploring the same place two years ago (how little Eli was!).  But let’s […]

tracey - I looked at this on my phone but didn’t comment. Then I had to come back here and see them big on my computer screen. That snowy place looks magical. Bean would LOVE it. I know it’s not really magical anymore though. Hope it’s melting!

gina - so beautiful and cute at the same time!!!!! xoxo

Jean - It really was beautiful and melted really fast.
These are beautiful photos of Eli & Leo. Glad to see you in there, too! :) I just love the trail photos!!
Happy Spring!!!

Erika - Your post is a nice chill for the 80+ degree nor cal weather!
I love the blue outfit boy under the white tree tunnel images.

skeller - it *IS* pretty and magical!!! It is completely lovely to look at. And yay for melting – hopefully before you had to shovel!

Michelle - Yay for getting outside. Yay for sunshine. Yay for tunnels. Yay for Golden Retreivers and adorable boy children. But most importantly, yay for melting!! :)

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