april 23


This morning we woke up to this:



The results of our third snow storm in April.  White blanketing every square inch.

I’m not going to complain or whine (I’ve done enough of that on Facebook and Instagram and I’m sure you all are sick of it).  Because even amidst my internal cussing, I had to admit that is was pretty.  Okay God, if you are going to give us butt-loads of snow in April at least it’s pretty.

It will melt fast, this I know.  You don’t have to tell me that.  Or remind me that it’s supposed to hit 70 degrees this weekend (of-course, I will be working, but I won’t whine or complain about that either).

I think it’s okay to be real, right?  That our winter has dragged on and on and on and if you live in Minnesota you are just READY.  Ready for spring to come and ready for the snow to go.  For good.

Thank you, God, for the pretty snow.  But please oh please before I go CRAZY, please bring spring.  And not just this weekend while I’m working but next Monday and beyond.  Amen.


Carla - It is really beautiful but it would be so much prettier in December or January. I’m starting to believe that spring will never come. Mother Nature has teased us so much. I’m seriously getting depressed over here. I need sun and I need to be able to put the winter coats away. For an extended period of time. :)
Love the photos. You have a gorgeous view.

Jean - basically what i’ve been saying to brady if it were February.
we have heard christmas music around town at the coffee shops.
but it really has looked so beautiful…. i mean, if it were Christmas.

Heather M. - it’s pretty BUT it’s april. and by april, it really isn’t all that pretty any more. hang in there! praying for beautiful weather this weekend and beyond. and btw, i absolutely LOVE that big window!

michelle - Amen. <3

I was reading Cathy Zeilske's blog today (she lives in MN) and she was talking about the snow. And how she finally got over the MN snow after she started therapy a few years ago. Her blog made me laugh.

Hope your weekend flies by so you can get out and enjoy the spring weather next week!

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