sometimes you just need a pretty sunset



Because it seems as if winter in Minnesota will never end.  Because of the blahs.  Because of 4:45 a.m. wake-ups and homework battles.  Because of stress.

Because in a city across the country an eight-year-old lost his life and his six-year-old sister lost a limb.

Sometimes you just need a pretty sunset to stare at for awhile.


Heather M. - Oh how I wish I was there right now especially after the past 2 weeks. So beautiful.

tracey - Can still feel the air of the evening on my skin. The light was amazing. Happy sigh.

Jean - Tell me about it. This weather is making me mad! It’s beautiful, but c’mon… It’s April 19!!!

michelle - Well said. Sometimes a break from everything and some quiet time are all that can help.

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