from my lap: fly



I took this series of photos a few weeks ago.  The kids had just finished their bath and they discovered it was great fun to fly off my little foot stool onto our bed.  I sat there, camera in my lap, watching them and applauding their somersaults and kicks and belly flops.  Even daddy joined in for a jump or two.  I love seeing them fly.

As you probably know by now, I have a habit of shooting from the hip, or from around my neck, or from my lap.  There are a lot of reasons why I love shooting this way.  But I think it’s mainly because I have to relinquish some control.  I have to sit the camera in my lap and trust that the photo will happen.  Sure, I adjust my settings and try to compose how I like, but after that I just click.  Then I look through the frames.  I embrace the blur and imperfectness.

And I see that yes, the photo happened.


Heather M. - you amaze me. these are such classic stacey shots. i love your style.

this looks like so much fun. my kids would LOVE to do this.

tracey - These are so awesome and wonderful! I can feel the movement in them. Love them in black and white too. Fun moment!

Shannon - I can feel the fun & joy that was had while you shot these! Love!!!
p.s.- when can I come over and take a jump? Looks like fun! ;)

Andrea - These are gorgeous!
No way I’d get photos like this if I shot from my lap and relinquished control! Lol! No way.
You’re an amazing photographer Stacey.

michelle - These photos are everything I love about shooting from the hip. There is something so unique that happens when we shoot that way. I love these images. :)

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