This is my sweet niece.  She is adorable.  Even Darin looks at her and can’t help but speak of her adorableness.  I can’t help but stare at her, watch her, love on her, and smile.  I think it’s because she reminds me of my Evie at that age.  Full of spunk and always giving her mama a run for her money.

Back at Easter I snapped a few photos of her for her mom, trying to capture her in all of her two-year-old cuteness.  I followed her around the house and outside, and there are many more photos I could have shared, but these photos of her jumping on the bed were my favorites.  Normally she isn’t allowed to do so, usually having a little tantrum when the older kids hop to their hearts content and she is taken from the room crying, just wanting to join in on the fun.  Another year, sweetie, and you’ll be able to control those little legs a bit more and be able to jump, too.  But today fun auntie let her, for the sake of the photos people.  (And Mama was right there by the edge, catching her before she catapulted off the bed.)



Adorable, no?

On a separate photography note:

I’ve been having this internal battle within my head about posting these photos and I thought I’d share that here and see if any of my photography friends can relate or offer some insight.  While editing them I veered away from my typical edit and played around a bit.  I came across a preset that I felt was fitting and then tweaked it to my liking which resulted in the photos you see here.  I went back and forth from my typical edit to this one, looking at the differences on my screen and contemplating trying something different, but hesitant because I still wanted the photos to look like “me”.  I hope that as I’ve grown as a photographer I’ve developed a certain “style”, which I know can always change and evolve and grow, I’m hoping that it’s changing and evolving and growing.  But whenever I try something new I’m always scared to post those photos because my hope is that when people look at my photos they can tell I shot them.  When I change things up I’m worried I’m compromising my defined style.  Make sense?

So after lots of thought, some kind words from my husband, and an email convo with a friend I’ve decided to post them (duh) and I’ll tell you why.  Because I feel like sometimes it’s good to explore and experiment in the process of learning and growing.  Sometimes it’s good to jump outside my normal box.  I really do believe it’s how you grow as an artist.  And also, it’s not just my editing that makes my photos look like “me”.  Style is so much more than editing.  In fact, I would hope that HOW I shot the photos would show you a clearer picture of me as a photographer….the depth of field, the angles, the action, the details.

Would love to hear what my photography friends think about all of that.  :)

a ray of sunshine » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] may remember this sweetheart from a previous blog post.  I took photos of her almost exactly a year ago jumping on this exact same bed (on the blanket […]

Heather M. - she is such a doll. and i love that quilt.

and these photos are still so “stacey”. good for you for being brave and trying something new. i’m often too chicken to try.

skeller - y’know, if you hadn’t mentioned being “different”, I don’t think I would have noticed. The “style” is still so completely YOU, the “feel” is you, the playing with light/dark is totally you. Honestly, I had to scroll thru your other color posts to see the editing difference. So this set is a little cooler (tempurature-wise), a little hazier-film-like, but it’s certainly still within the spectrum of what fits you. I say go for whatever edits float your boat and make you feel creatively happy.

tracey - I love them. Yes, then still scream Stacey. :)
What also makes them visually pleasing is the amazing bed quilt and the fact that her denim skirt and sweater and socks go so well with it! I love the colors in this photo, and the light. Add that together with your eye….perfect.

Jessica - I can tell the difference, but I like the change a lot. I like the faded, filmy look. Maybe it’s less contrasty than your usual? I really like it and hope you continue to explore. Makes it interesting and fun, at least for me! And yes, the style is still totally you.

Jean - what an adorable one! love her outfit & the blanket!!

this does scream you. this is more like “matte” kind of style although i like your usual edits as well. i always love how natural they look and how your usual edits are like a pop! i love the edits you use, i really do! i do think as artists people are always growing.. it’s a sense that you like learning and there is nothing wrong with that.

happy weekend!

Liza - She IS so adorable. Now, about the pics, I would have to agree, they still scream “Stacey!”

michelle - She is precious and I love that blanket as a “background.”
As far as the editing, I love it. I get what you are describing but the photos still are completely STACEY. It’s more than editing. It’s your eye. It’s your focus, framing. All of those other things also make your style unique.


andrea - I would have had no clue you veered away from your usual editing style if you didn’t say anything. They are a bit lighter and brighter than what your editing style has been recently, but still totally you. I think it’s more about how you shoot. It’s the Stacey style of shooting. I can tell your photos a mile away. :)
You are a master at the POV, the details, the shallow DOF..
You are a master at all of it Stacey.
I can only hope to have an ounce of your mastery of photography someday.
Pure perfection!! Keep it up.
And so glad you shared with us. :)

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