a little piece of her



A few weeks ago after a long day I walked upstairs at some late hour to finally go to sleep.  I performed my normal bedtime routine of climbing into bed with my socks on because my feet were cold but then quickly taking them off after my feet were under the covers, taking off my glasses, fluffing my pillow and getting it “just so”, and then removing my phone from it’s case and placing it on the charger on my nightstand.    But on this night there was a surprise waiting for me taped to the iPhone stand.  A sweet little bird drawn and colored in by my Evie, carefully cut out and placed in a spot where mama was sure to notice.  It made me smile and think of my creative girl, who must have thought long and hard of where to put her special creation, a little piece of her.  The next morning I praised her for not only her artwork, but for picking out the perfect spot to put it.

And there it will stay.

Jean - This is so sweet!
Such a sweet heart!

tracey - She has a dear heart, just like her mama. :)

georgia - made me smile. so sweet… all of it. her drawing. her act. your sentiment.

your lamp is awesome!! reminds me a little of my bedside lamp… see third photo in in this post…

Susan - I love so much that you left her art right where she placed it :-). Good momma.

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