After Easter church this past Sunday I told the kids and my husband that no one was allowed to change their clothes until I took a few photos.  Sure, I like to capture real life… Eli in his Cars t-shirt that he wears every other day, Evie using the umpteenth roll of scotch tape on yet another art project, Leo chewing up the plastic squeak toy I just bought him…  But every once in awhile (like, maybe twice a year), Eli is wearing pants with buttons (God-forbid) and Evie is wearing a pretty dress she picked out herself (with maybe a little guidance from her mama) and I even put on a skirt and retire the yoga pants (total shocker) and we all look put together and is it too much to ask?   I want a photo.  Or two.  Or maybe a dozen.

Okay, I totally bribed them.  But I was successful.

I love my family.

And God bless my patient husband who is such a trooper when I decide to do these little photos shoots.  And that Leo, totally photo bombed the last pic, but it just fits, does it not?

Naomi - Super cute!!

Heather M. - I just adore these photos. :) Your family is so precious. I love that you all have your shoes/boots on in them. I really wanted to take a photo of us on Easter Sunday but of course, we forgot.

tracey - I love all of them! I love that Leo so desperately wants to be a part of the family. And I love Evie’s dress and Eli’s overalls. I miss the days of cute little boy overalls. :)

Jean - These are beautiful!
Love that last one. Leo is like, I’m BOSS!

And yay for our special someone that does these photo shoots with us! So good to see you in them as well <3 I know sometimes it might annoy Brady a little bit w/ my little photo shoots, but in the end, we both love it and glad we did it :)

Andrea - Perfection!!!
Perfect family photos and great black and whites!!
Just amazingly perfect!

Laura - BEAUTIFUL!!!

Karli - These pics gave me goosebumps!!! They really did. They’re absolutely gorgeous!! Wonderful! xoxo

Jenn - Love all of these photos, especially the last one. :) You are a beautiful family.

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