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It’s Monday, the day after Easter.  We had a great weekend.  Full of family and egg hunting and candy and food and cousins and celebrating.  Easter always leaves me feeling incredibly blessed and grateful, and almost overwhelmed to the point of being an emotional wreck.  Then again, this is nothing new for me.

I think it’s because maybe I can relate to my kids when they search for the colorful plastic eggs filled with treasures.  They start their hunt and some are right out in the open.  Success!  Others they have to really search for.  They are hidden in a well-thought out spot.  Some are up high, just out of reach.  They have to ask for help, or take a leap to get it in their grasp.  Once they think they’ve found them all they open them and take inventory, comparing what they found.  There’s always the one that ends up complaining because so and so got an extra pink egg or so and so got more jelly beans.  One that is stuffing his face with chocolate and is happy as can be.  One that is worried that all the eggs weren’t found.  Then they put all the candy away and get back to playing.

And then it happens.  A few hours later someone will find an egg.  She will find an egg when she wasn’t even looking for one.   Or perhaps the egg found her?  And that’s the most exciting find of all.

My own life feels very similar.  One big egg hunt.  There are the easy finds, the happiness when things go right.  Then the searching and searching, the leaps of faith and asking for help, the comparing and whining that it’s not enough, the worrying.  It goes for anything….relationships, jobs, finances, kids….life.  And then there are those instances when I stop the search and the treasure finds me.  When I don’t have to work or look and I just rest and God places it right in front of me.  He knew it was always there and that I’d find it eventually, I just had to give up the desperate hunt.

All of this talk about Easter eggs has me craving chocolate.  Then again, this is nothing new for me :)

Andrea - Yes. Sometimes we get so consumed and frantic in the search that if we just stopped and sat down and took some time to breathe, we’d see that egg was right there in plain sight all along. (How’s that for a nice run-on sentence?…)
Great analogy, Stacey.
Happy Tuesday.

Jean - really enjoy reading these last few posts. they’re so “real.”
and life is one big egg hunt. it is.

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