smile worthy moments



Looking at some old photos and seeing your friend wrapped in a brightly colored towel snapping photos of you (while you were snapping photos of her).  Smile.

A fun surprise via email.

Notes from Darin and daddy left for us on the table.

The sunshine and snow (slowly but surely) melting on the sidewalk.

The poem Evie wrote on our chalkboard.

An 8 hour shift yesterday instead of a 12 hour one.

A great sample day at Costco.

Texts messages from a good friend.  Just because.

Nana time this weekend.

Evie telling me one of her favorite things to do is sleep in my bed with me.

Eli trying to ride Leo (and being somewhat successful).

Planning fun summer stuff.

Eli’s preschool conferences.

The coaster Evie wove in art class at school.

The way Eli says “Ta-Ta!!!” instead of “Ta-Da!!!”.

And picking up Evie just now, seeing her walk out of school singing.  Smile.


Happy Friday, friends.

tracey - Ta-Ta!! That made me chuckle. I can almost hear him say it. Miss that Carmel beach moment. The light was amazing and it was good to be there with you all.

Heather - There’s the Michelle I know and love. ;) those photos are making me miss you all and our trip. Sigh…

Love your list especially the one about
Eli riding Leo. Made me laugh! Wish I could give you a big hug right now.

Karli - Eli trying to ride Leo (and being somewhat successful)…. LOL!!! :-)

Andrea - The snow is melting! It’s melting! That’s jump up and down worthy! :-)
Ah that blanket kept us cold Washingtonians warm.

michelle - I miss that towel. ;)

And I miss you. And it was weird to open my blog feeder and see myself. :P

Love you. Happy Friday!

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