him and his one car



Give him one car.  Just one.  And he’s happy.

I look at him and it makes me want to be happy with so little.


tracey - Coming out of my fog from last week and finally catching up. I love the light in these photos and little Eli, and of course Leo needing to be where the action is. Made me smile.

Heather - I totally agree with Michelle and Andrea. You have such a gift, Stacey. That’s why I think you would rock a photo-a-day project (even though I know you have no desire to do one). Wish my everyday photos looked like these. I especially love the one with Leo’s tail in it.

Carla - Ditto what these other two lovely ladies have said. Love it.

michelle - Yes, I agree with Andrea. Your use of light and gorgeous editing make everyday shots seem surreal. Beautiful.

andrea - You have such a way with making the everyday life look so beautiful, Stacey. Such a gift.

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