Oh March



Photo 1: Looking outside.  Seeing lots of snow.  Feeling the chill of 5 degrees with a -15 degree windchill in March.

Oh March, why are you treating us so??  Have you no mercy for us Minnesotans who have been in the deep freeze since November?


Photo 2:  Moving the blinds and looking once again, just to make sure.

Um, March….where are the 40-50 degree temps with melting snow and signs of grass and sounds of birds chirping?  What have you done with them?


Photo 3: Seriously?  Tell me you’re joking.

March, it’s not funny.


Photo 4: Spring is one day away.  It looks and feels like January out there.

Remember last year, March?  You were so good to us.  This split personality thing is not working.


Photo 5: Running away in denial.

Yes March, you better do something soon to change all of this or you risk becoming the least favorite month of the year, and you don’t want that, do you?  I didn’t think so.


the last days of winter… » T Morris Photography - […] post is dedicated to a friend of mine, Stacey…who desperately needs a dose of sunshine in her snow packed world. Cheer up […]

Carla - Where is the picture of her crying? That’s the only thing missing from this sad March story. I’m with you, friend. Poor us.

tracey - I am sorry friend. Wishing for you sunny days ahead!
It’s supposed to “rain” her tonight and tomorrow and then be back to 70 degrees by Friday. The weather people here keep joking that it’s gonna rain for the rest of winter. Ha. We actually need the rain here.

Naomi - Oh march, i despise you so right now. Maybe we should go get some green therapy at the conservatory? Or pedicures? ;)

liza - There are no words to describe how sorry I am ; /

michelle - It must be time to move to Spokane where the sun is shining and the snow is gone. ;)

Poor Minnesotans.

Heather - Amen! My thoughts exactly (except for the part about being a Minnesotan). ;)

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