an hour with haddie


We went to visit a few weeks ago.  Just shy of her 6 month birthday.  We met them for lunch first, she sat like an angel and didn’t make a peep.  We then went to their house and spent a little over an hour there.  She smiled and ate and slept and woke and then smiled some more.  She is the sweetest most happiest baby ever.  And I’m not just saying that because she’s my niece.  My sister says she does indeed cry, but I’m not sure I believe her.

It’s so amazing to watch my sister with her. She became a mama very quickly after getting married and has had to make some big decisions due to her fast journey into motherhood.  I couldn’t be more proud of the one that she has become.

As I was snapping pictures during our time together my sister questioned me as I took a photo of the bottles sitting on her kitchen counter.  I told her that someday she would miss all that baby stuff.  The burp rags and the crocheted pillows and the bouncy seats, even the crib (the same crib my babies once slept in).  Oh how I wish I could have had someone follow me around with camera for an hour while my babies were that little and capture all the details that are now a distant memory.

So here is the hour spent with Haddie.  You can see for yourself how she definitely is the sweetest most happiest baby ever….



P.S….  Did you see me in this blog post??

getting to know you » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] for a little visit.  We, of-course, brought our baby.  Leo.  And my sister brought her baby.  Haddie.  And the two of them together?  Well, it was adorable.  Haddie was in awe of this furry thing […]

michelle - I have no way to describe how much I love this entire series of images. You captured having a sweet little baby perfectly. You are … fantastico!

georgia - okay… the boy is sleeping. time for commenting. you already know i love the nursery {’cause i said so on fb}. but her whole house is beautiful!! love the woodwork and doors and such. these photos are beautiful… so full of warmth. they really make me want to have you out to our house this september {if you come to chicago again} and take some pics of us in our environment. i adored the photos you took of us in chicago. but it would be wo great to have some pics of us in our daily lives and our daily surroundings… especially since this house is so special and meaningful to us… something we didn’t think we’d get to purchase this soon, if ever. there is nothing like photos of a family in their home. it speaks so many more volumes about that family than just a shoot out in nature does. your shoot is gorgeous. your sis must be so grateful. and her little girl… oh, my gosh. she’s just super sweet.

gina - these are so wonderful!! beautiful! xoxo

tracey - She really is the cutest thing ever. Adorable! What a gift to give to your sister too. And yes! I saw you. At first I thought it was Evie! Wow.

jean - these are beautiful! she is a doll! i love, love the detailed photos, too! i’m in love with embroidery hoops! i’ve been collecting them as i find ’em at thrift stores, hoping to create something out of them! :)

and i did see you in this post. :)

i think it too is important to capture these memories in print. my folks moved around a lot and throughout the years… we’d lose things from our childhood, kind of sad. i get so emotional when i go through some of brady’s childhood things (baby blankets, baptism outfit, first shoes he walked in, etc). i think i’ll be that mom one day that keeps everything and photographs everything!

Mindy - Where to even begin? The Lord blesses me through you. Deeply. Thank you for this, Stace. 143.

skeller - you’re soooo right: bottles and binkies and baby gadgets galore are fleeting. I soooo wish I had these kinds of pictures of myself with my babies (who are totally NOT babies anymore!)

Heather - Oh these photos are so precious! And I love that daddy is in some too. Made me tear up thinking of when mind were that small. Sigh…

Rebecca - So much baby love in this post, I can hardly stand it!! All the pictures are so great. Haddie is so loved and lucky! I can’t pick just one or even my top 3 favorites. I did see you in the blog post :) love the throwback pics of a little Evie, I mean, Stacey holding her baby sister. so sweet…I’m partial to those pics of sisters growing up together.

Carla - Love these! Mindy is so lucky to have you capture this all for her. The H collage is so cute. I love the b&w of Mindy holding her in the air or the couple that focus on Haddie with mom in the back. I could go on. :)
She is adorable and definitely seems like one happy baby.

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