still floating from the weekend


It was a good weekend, one so nice that I feel like I’m still floating a little bit coming into this Monday. We really didn’t do anything special.  It was just ordinary and lovely and full of my favorite three people.  I think those are the best kind of weekends, are they not?

So to keep me floating just a bit longer I’m going to recap our delightful three days.  Because ordinary and perfect weekends are worth remembering.




I took Evie out for breakfast while Eli was at preschool.  She held my hand and sat next to me in our tiny booth.  We ran some errands and I bought her this obnoxious wallet that she adores.

I gave the kids early baths and put them into their cozy PJ’s.  Darin got home early from work with cider beer in hand and made yummy cheeseburgers on the grill.  Eli ate one and loved it.  Evie stuck with her hot-dog.

We cuddled on the couch and watched Wreck it Ralph (not my favorite Disney movie by far, but Evie seemed to like it).  Eli said he didn’t want to watch it so Darin took him upstairs and put in Cars 2 for him, but he ended up coming back downstairs and finishing Wreck it Ralph anyhow. We had popcorn.  Leo picked up the kernels the kids dropped on the floor.

Darin and I watched another movie after the kids were in bed.  It was so nice.




The kids were up early and played while Darin and I slept in.  We made coffee and lounged.

We went to Ikea and had cheap breakfast, Evie declared it the best day ever (??), we brought the kids to the playland and Darin and I shopped in peace.  We finally got new bedding for our new bed and picked up new bedding for Evie who inherited our old down comforter.

We came home and washed the new bedding and put it on our beds.  I officially feel like I’m climbing into a hotel bed now when I go to sleep, I love it.  And Evie’s room looks more grown up, it was time, she was so happy.  She states she is done with pink.  I cried a little bit inside.

We went to church.  Eli was so excited to “bless God” by giving his teacher his tithe money.  It was so cute.  Darin asked Evie if he could take up to the front of church afterwards to be prayed over for her bad dreams.  His idea, it made me cry.  I watched as hands were laid on her.  And she came out smiling and eating her cookie.

Our babysitter came and Darin and I went out to see a movie.  I can’t remember the last movie we’ve seen together (seriously, I think it’s been about 4 years).  Silver Linings Playbook, excellent.  An atypical romantic comedy that I would definitely see again.  I teared up, and laughed, and clapped in the theater.  Who does that?  I do.  Indulged in popcorn with butter.  Darin put up the armrest between us so we could sit real close.

Had drinks and dinner at a local restaurant.  Good conversation.  Working on our marriage lately has been so good, I’m so grateful for him.

Got home and chatted with our babysitter who is currently living with her parents while she student teaches 2nd grade.  What girl in her early 20’s spends a Saturday night babysitting?  She does.  She’s great.




Evie woke up at 6:30 and asked if I cuddle with her in her bed.  I invited her into our bed and she said she loved her new bed so much she wanted me to come in her bed.  So I did.  We snuggled for 10 minutes before Eli came in and they went downstairs to play.

I walked Leo while Darin made homemade Belgian waffles.  He chopped up a chocolate bar to put in the batter because we were out of chocolate chips.  He sprinkled powdered sugar on top and served them with whipped cream.  It’s no wonder my kids think he’s the best dad ever (he is).

We ran some errands as a family.  I brought Evie to swimming lessons in her new Speedo swimming suit.  She said she swam faster because of it.  Darin and Eli folded laundry for me while we were gone.

I snuggled Evie in front of the fireplace and watched HGTV while Darin made supper and Eli pretended he was a Power Ranger.  We ate a delightful and yummy meal and the kids even cleared their plates.  Darin made this yummy horseradish sauce to go with the pork tenderloin (so thankful he cooks for us).

The kids had cotton candy ice cream.  We taught them how to play Uno.  We played for over an hour.  I think there are a lot of game nights in our future.  We all sat in our bed while Evie read a Bible story, and then I read two more, and tucked them into bed.

Evie wasn’t tired yet (oh daylight savings….) so she came back downstairs and said she wanted to write.  She wrote two songs and then sang them for us.  Darin and I teared up it was so precious.  She eventually asked to be tucked in and I watched her drift off to sleep.



I write down the details because I want to remember the little things that made my heart feel so full.  A perfectly ordinary weekend which has me floating on this Monday.

Even after shoveling the new snow that fell overnight.  We won’t focus on that…  Back to floating….


georgia - amen! write it down because you want to remember. it’s exactly why i blog, even if no one ever reads. i want to remember all those little tiny things that made a day special, even if they seem insignificant… it’s when they all add up to something magical. there’s enough in this world to pull us down. i say, enjoy the light-as-air floating while it lasts!!! and can i just say? your son’s bedspread is the best thing for photographing ever! it really highlights the light source. can’t wait to do jumping-on-the-bed pics with isaac… when he’s old enough and it’s safe enough!

michelle - What a fabulous weekend. I love that Darin initiated getting Evie prayed over. Beautiful… I know that feeling of joy when our husbands take the lead in that stuff. And I love that Evie got a cookie to boot! ;) And precious Eli. Blessing God. Beautiful hearts, each one of you.

Sounds like a dreamy quiet weekend. I love those.

Carla - Sounds perfect.

tracey - What a lovely weekend you had!!!! We went over to the coast, it was so beautiful and sunny and hard to come home. Scott made scrambles for dinner. We all went to bed late bc of the time change. And then we were dragging this morning. Oh Monday.

gina - So very nice. We had the same kind of weekend and I loved it! Let’s remind each other of it next weekend. xoxo

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