after the snow storm…



…there was this lovely glowing light of the sun trying to peak out behind the clouds.

And since my kids were still under the weather (no pun intended) I grabbed the dog who willingly joined me for a little play in the new powder in our backyard.  There is nothing quite like a puppy romping in the snow.



before and after: leo » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] received a number of comments and emails about my recent Leo photos that I posted here of him out playing in the snow, and since it’s been awhile since I’ve done a before and […]

skeller - Oh, Leo. You. Are. Beautiful. I swear, Stacey, he smiles in pictures. I hereby declare that you need to create an album of Leo’s first year with your family. You take THE VERY BEST pictures of him!!!

Carla - These are awesome! I hope that you frame at least one. He looks like he is thoroughly enjoying himself. Love them! Hope the kids are feeling better.

miss tink » T Morris Photography - […] I know all these people who have dogs and puppies and post a million photos of them on Facebook or their blogs and Instagram feed and I feel left out of the cute animal photo […]

tracey - Oh gosh. I love these so much, especially the last two. I love that there are only two colors in these photos. Leo’s orangey brown coat and the snow. :)

gina - love all of these photos!!!! beautiful and so much fun! xoxo

andrea - Oh happy Leo!! Like Michelle, I may be coming back to stare at these today. :)
Almost makes me wish we got snow every year so that I could see what Sammy thinks of it all. Almost… ;)
I was going to say which photo is my fav, but really I love them all.

georgia - oh, my gosh, he’s so cute! and these shots are kind of incredible! especially the sixth one up! looks like you guys got as much snow as we did. wish i had a pretty open field like that nearby to photograph it in… and a dog!

michelle - I adore him. I could stare at these pictures for so long. I hope your kids are mending. :)

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