snow day



After one very long Sunday night/Monday morning with two puking kids, one bathroom that needed cleaning from ceiling to floor, one space heater that needed to be trashed due to projectile vomit (such a shame), one late night bath, six loads of laundry, three puke buckets, two middle of the night movies, endless amounts of snuggles, one daddy that was not home, four cups of coffee, one nap with all three of us in our bed (well, four of us counting Leo), hundreds of prayers that Darin’s flight would not be delayed or canceled due to impending snow storm (thank God for a break in the snow so he could make it home on time), one awesome neighbor that blew out our driveway, one sleeve of soda crackers, and four of us again on one couch (well,five of us counting Leo)….  I am very thankful for a (rare, hardly ever happens even if we get a foot of snow, can’t believe it) snow day.  Another day for us to rest up and snuggle and watch movies and get well.  “And maybe if I’m feeling a bit better later I can go out and play in it mama??”  Yes, Evie.  I do believe we can make that happen.

Happy snow day to us.

tracey - I’m laughing at Karli’s comment because my dyslexic brain read “slee of vodka crackers”. Screeching breaks. Wait. What did she write???? Oh, “sleeve of soda crackers.”
And that’s exactly what I call it too…a “sleeve”.
Glad you are all feeling better!

Naomi - Oh my word. My anxiety level just increased ten fold reading this. I seriously want to keep Owen home from school until winter is over. Ha. Glad they are feeling better. Yay for snow days!

Karli - I was going to comment on how I’m so glad you guys are feeling better but I was totally distracted by the word “sleeve”…. “SLEEVE of soda crackers” BAHAHAHA!!! (ok seriously, the moving and homelessness has gone to my brain… i’m losing it)… but still. Totally needed that laugh today.

I’m SO SORRY about the puking kids. There is nothing worse; I totally felt your pain when I saw your IG pic. I can’t handle throw up. It’s so bad that hubby actually has to take off work when we have a sick kid. I just start throwing everything away… towels, sheets, whatever.

(stop rambling Karli)

Anyway, love the pic… glad you’re on the mend! Glad you get a day to rest with those kiddos! :-) xo

Andrea - Glad you’re all healthy again. Enjoy your snow day. :-)

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