February…oh February.  It’s a long month.  Well, not really, seeing that’s it’s only 28 days.  But if you live in these northern parts it’s a long month.  Come February we are officially done with winter.  Done.  The winter blahs set in and we are literally counting the days until spring (20 days, see what I mean?).  We could all use a little glow.

So to beat the winter blahs I challenged myself with a little photo project last month.  A photo a day.  Capturing us in our home.  It’s something I love to do. But I tried to make it more than just snapshots.  I focused on the light and the story and being intentional with my camera.  I guess you could say I tried to focus on the glow, which helped a bit with the February blahs, and created some images that I wouldn’t have caught had I not challenged myself and picked up my camera each and every day.  Maybe I’m ready for that 365 after all.  Okay, let’s not over do it.

Click on the slideshow below to see the photo a day February glow (or 28+2, what can I say, I’m indecisive).  And turn your sound on if you want to hear a little glow, too.


A November project: By My Side » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] if you want to revisit a few more of my photo a day for a month projects visit here, and […]

Carmen - Beautiful photos!

Danica - That picture of Evie by the dresser in the light…. made me “omg” out loud. You are one talented talented lady my friend! And you can’t ever hear that enough- because my goodness! WOW.

Diana - Thank you so much for this. I have had sucky last few days and this post just made me happy and smile. You really are my favorite photographer! Have you thought about mentoring or doing a workshop because I will so seriously attend!

georgia - perfection! just beautiful.

not sure why my first comment put my u.r.l. in for my name instead of my name??? - will look at all these in a sec… but first wanted to comment! so funny, ’cause i just recently decided to do a 365 photo-a-day thingie… and i started today, even though i found out about it quite a while ago. and i specifically came here today to tell you about it, ’cause my first post was for YOU!!

you’ll have to go see. =)

only time will tell if i can keep up with the challenge of at least one photo a day and finish out 365 days. you were smart… to pick just one month, and to pick the shortest of months! less pressure! =)

Jessica - Nicely done, Stacey! That was so perfect and totally made me smile. I love the one where Eli is laughing in his towel. What is the song and artist?

sara - oh stacey! this is so wonderful.
what a treasure this collection is.
i love the realness.
makes me want to take a month and push myself too….

Naomi - Good for you, friend! Way to stick to it! These are all so lovely. (As usual! :))Great captures. Love the music with it. I just love music with pictures…i feel it adds something, some emotion. I miss my playlist on my blog.

tracey - This made me smile the entire show! Loved every photo. Beautiful light and life you captured Stace!

Shannon - Fantastic! Love the song too! These images of such a dear family make my heart happy. Loves!

Heather M. - oh stace, these are SO good. and so you.

andrea - Lovely! You are totally ready for a 365! (Do it!!) You have some great light in your home. And you did a wonderful job capturing that glow. Very nice. Cool song too, btw. Is that Jason Mraz?…

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