a girl and her pup



Last week I talked about the special bond Leo and Eli have.  But I felt like I also needed to include Evie in the Leo love.  She is incredibly sweet with him and has her own connection with our pup.  She greets him first thing when she walks into the door from school.  In a high pitched voice she’ll say things like, “Oh Leo!  You’re such a goooooood boy!”.  She has him sit and shake and stay, and he is learning to listen to her.  She reminds us that he is still just a puppy when he does things he shouldn’t.  She calls him up on her bed at night and always tells me she wishes he would sleep with her.  Maybe someday he’ll give up our bed for hers (which my husband prays for daily).

I’ve told several people how the kids have seemed to have bonded a bit more with Leo than they did with Rusty.  Maybe it’s because Rusty was already with us when each of them were born.  He was already a fixture in our home.  But with Leo they had such an active part in choosing him and welcoming him into our family.  Nothing makes me happier than knowing they will all grow up together.

So this week I leave you with a few photos of Evie and her pup.  Can you handle the sweetness?


susan keller - awwww – this was a great start to my morning. I love Leo in your family :-).

georgia - wish i could come to your house and photograph. you always have the most amazing lighting… or at least i wish i could have you teach me how to get such great photos in places that don’t seem to have that much light throughout, but rather just shafts. you can do it like no other!

Heather Moll - so very precious.

tracey - You do realize all these photos of Leo are like arrows through my heart. Such a sweet Leo! Love the one of them looking out the window.

Andrea - Love the second one and that last one. These are so precious.
Lovely black and whites.

Carla - love that one of them looking out the window. Precious.

michelle - Heartbreakingly sweet.

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