what they’re thinking



What Eli is thinking:

Look at that, mom’s got her camera and I have her wrapped around my little finger with Leo right next to me.  If I play this right I might get to have the iPad for another hour.  Good boy, Leo.  Good boy.

What Leo is thinking:

Maybe if I pay really close attention I can learn how to work this thing and I’ll have something to do when they leave instead of trying to get peanut butter out of that rubber black toy thing.  Teach me some Angry Birds, Eli.

georgia - hilarious!

Heather M. - hahaha! too cute!

Carla - I totally believe that this is exactly what those two are thinking. :)

tracey - They’re like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together. This made me smile. What is Leo going to do when E is off to school full time???

michelle - Anything for an extra couple minutes. ;)

Jenn - You made me giggle this morning, love this. Thanks for the smile!

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