“We’ve grown to be one soul – two parts; our lives so intertwined that when some passion stirs your heart, I feel the quake in mine.”

Gloria Gather



I read that quote the other day and began to think about the “soul mates” in my life. Those people that “get me“.  Those people that share my passions.  And those people that don’t always share my passions but share in my passions, and vice versa.  See, I don’t believe God brings us just one soul mate.  I believe He brings us a variety of different people, different soul mates, at different points in our lives.  Lives perfectly intertwined.  It’s a lovely image, is it not?



And on a side note:

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about how nice it is when people get you?  My friend Tracey later posted on her blog the photo she was taking as I was snapping that frame of her, along with beautiful words about having those people in your life that relate to you.  She recently posted another lovely set of words about creativity and included a photo of me taking a photo.  (Are you following all of this? :)  The above image on the left is the image I was snapping right then.  Our passions intertwined through a series of blog posts, you could say.


Heather M. - Yes! I agree too. And what a beautiful quote.

tracey - I love seeing what you were capturing when I was capturing you. :)

Naomi - Very well put my friend. Loving these pics. So pretty and colorful when this place we call home is so blah right now!

Jean - You and Tracey are just too cute!

I was wondering if I’d see what you captured when I saw the photo of Tracey taking a photo of you taking a photo (are you lost yet?)…

I’m really loving the colors here!! I want to hug that buidling, it’s so beautiful!

Andrea - You have quite a nice collection of intertwined soul mates. Cute that you and Tracey shared the photos you were taking. :-)

Melissa - Love this post! The words and the photographs are both special. Just wondering, but were these pics taken in California? It’s great to see some green leaves during this chilly February!

michelle - I couldn’t agree more. We have many “soul mates” for many different seasons.

Perfectly said, S.

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