three words



A few weeks ago Evie came home from school wearing a t-shirt with her name and three words.  When I asked her what it was all about, she said they were supposed to pick three words that described themselves and put them on the t-shirt.  Evie choose the words: compassionate, loving, and fun.  I had to smile.  If you know our Evie you know that these words fit her perfectly.



Later that night Darin came home and saw her t-shirt and he was curious how she came up with such a big word like compassionate.  But I wasn’t surprised at all by seeing this word.  Often when I pray with her I thank God for her compassionate heart.  I’m pretty sure she learned the word from me.  And it’s not the only one she hears.  I make it a point to daily tell her how smart, precious, beautiful, and loved she is.  When she shares with her brother I point out how kind she is.  When she says please to a stranger I tell her how polite she is.  When she asks how a sick friend is doing I make sure she knows how caring she is.

Sometimes when I’m brushing her hair I tell her how pretty it is, or when she’s reading I tell her what a great reader she is, or when she draws what a wonderful artist she is.  Once in awhile she’ll reply by saying, “I know.”  I then remind her that when someone compliments her she needs to say thank you.  But I’m also thinking how wonderful it is that she knows.  Not in an egotistical or vain sort of way.  But in an I am valued and loved and cherished kind of way. I want her to always know and never question how amazing she is.

It reminded me of the power of words.  How speaking truth into each other’s lives by using words is so important.



And then I got to thinking about myself and my three words.  What are my three words?  What are yours?


susan keller - Stacey, bless you for speaking such powerful truths into Evie’s life. I need to be way more cognizant of doing this with my boys…

georgia - oh, stace. this is awesome to read and hear about. i think of those same three words when i think of my niece who isn’t much older than evie. i am always so impressed by her, and i think my sister must be raising her quite like you do your daughter. when i see how she and her brothers treat other people, both known and strangers, i think how few polite young people like them there are left anymore.

also, that fourth photo down is just so wonderful. spectacular light. love it… and all of them!

tracey - How cool that E chose words that are true to her. I love it when our kids know themselves like this. How awesome to see the power of your words and encouragement seep into her pores. You are an amazing mom!

Mindy - Your three words: thoughtful, sensitive, and gifted. 143 sissy.

michelle - Those 3 words sound like you. :)
Our pastor taught on the power of the tongue from James 3 yesterday and your post is the perfect representation of the power of words to do GOOD in our children’s lives. :)

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