a boy and his pup



It’s been a bit since I’ve given you all an update on our Leo.  He’s taken his place in our family (and on our bed) quite nicely.  It hasn’t been perfect and there have been a few things we’ve had to work on (and are still working on), but we really couldn’t be happier with this sweet golden.  He is a very handsome love and it’s been so wonderful having a dog back in our family.

And no surprise, but Eli and Leo have become the best of buds.  Just like with Rusty, Eli lays on Leo, cuddles with him, chases him, and plays with him non-stop throughout the day.  It really is the sweetest thing.  So I leave you with a few photos of them.  Insert collective “awwwww…..” while scrolling through the following images of our two sweet boys….


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janet - I read awwwwww and thought…yeah, ok..but Oh My Gosh, these are so cool, especially 2 and 5. I hope at least one of these end up on one of your walls.
I’m glad you use your “gift” so very well.

amanda - Oh, so sweet. The tight shot in color (#2?) and the last b/w are my favorites. I think because it appears that Leo’s head is resting on Eli’s. That is just too precious. What treasures!

Andrea - Aww…such sweetness. And such great photos! That third one and the last one are too die for! Melt my heart! So happy to hear he is a perfect fit for your family! And as Michelle said, PRINT PRINT PRINT!
I just recently posted about our Sammyversary. ;-)

Beth - Absolutely precious! When did Eli get so big?!

bettye rainwater - ohmygodlove.

seriously. love ev. ry. thing. the subject, composition, the lighting, the exposure. ev. ry. THING.

susan keller - yup. add my voice to the collective “awwwwwww….”. My heart is full.

Tracey - These are so precious. That first one…E’s face. Love it. Someday I will have a Leo. Sigh.

michelle - PRINT, PRINT!!! OMG! My heart is absolutely BURSTING. That close up in color of them snuggling is making me freak out. I want a pic like that of me & Lanie. ;)

Diana - My fave: 3rd photo. Such a beautiful capture!

Danica - I believe I went ….
and OH MY GOD.
Redonkulously adorable :)

Karli - GULP.
Oh yep…. major awww’s. These are gorgeous.

Carla - I “awwwww . . ed a lot. So sweet!!! Great captures. So happy for your family that you’ve found Leo.

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