this is what you get when i’m short on sleep and it’s bitter cold out



Last night I uploaded these photos into this post and was trying to think of some beautiful prose to accompany them.  Many a poem or a song or some deep thoughts, something lovely that would match the loveliness of these images.  I went to bed without typing a word and instead just stared at this beach and these waves.  Maybe morning would bring some inspiration.



But I woke up to a 19 degree below zero windchill after being up about five times during the night with each of my children.  Even the dog was awake telling us he needed to go outside, and one time we should have listened to his whines about three minutes earlier than what we did (a 4 a.m. carpet cleanup is oh so fun).  Forget the beautiful prose.  Morning inspiration?  Ha.

I would just love to be back there right now.

The end.


Jessica - I hear you girl. Living in kalispell Montana this winter where we literally had zero sunshine and freezing temps for months just about killed me. Not to mention living with inlaws and no husband. I got out of there and headed back to Florida as fast as I could once I realized I was dying there (not really, but it felt like it). I still don’t have my hubby which is so sad, and I feel bad telling you this but being in sun and warmth and sea is so very nourishing. So much better. At least I can live now. I know this doesn’t help YOU… I just wanted to relate. Warm wishes from here to you.

georgia - ahhh… much better. now the animation plays on my computer like it should… in a fluid motion. not sure why it wasn’t working for me before, but my internet has been goofy all day. ???

sounds like it’s as cold there {if not more} than it is here. we are freezing here! hard to get used to after a mild winter. i’m ready for it to be done. these pics are supposed to help, i know. but they only make me hate the cold even more!

funny about your dog. i’ve been wanting one. but i think when i read things like that, i can be patient and wait. i’ve got enough messes to clean up around here from isaac. =)

Heather - Oh man, that sounds like such a crappy night. Hope tonight is better. Wish I was in that beach right now. Gorgeous photos!

janet - Ugg, I was thinking it was going to be nice out this morning (silly me) and left my scarf in the house…bad mistake, it.was.freezing.out.
These beach shots look so inviting.

jean - yes, very, very cold! no fun!

Andrea - Ugh! What a night you’ve had! I hope you get a chance to go back to bed for a nap today! Cool video of the ocean! Love it! Did you take that with your iPhone?…
Hope you get some rest this week!
Have an amazing week!!

michelle - We woke up to snow today. We were all in the mid February denial that spring was here and waking up to snow has thrown all of Spokane into a bitter winter BLAH. I feel you. Thank you for the beach pictures.
I would recommend you go to Jamie the Very Worst Missionaries blog today and read about the posture of cleaning up poop. Really. It’s good and might make you feel better about 4am carpet cleaning. ;)

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