day in day out



Sometimes I feel like I just get in this blah monotonous life routine.  Day in.  Day out.  On the week days I’m not working it always seems the same.

Get up.  Coffee.  Get ready.  Get kids ready.  Put dog out.  To school.  Dishes.  Laundry.  Errands.  Pick up from school.  Homework.  Meals.  Vacuum.  Pick up dog poop.  Clean.  Play.  Baths.  Reading.  Bedtime.  Couch.  Sleep.

I think the key is recognizing the breaks in the monotony. Like Eli coming over in the midst of playing to squeeze my leg.



A kiss from Darin on his way to work.  Snuggles from Evie before waking up. Flavored creamer. Giggles as the kids run around while getting their clothes on.  Cuddling Leo.  Blowing her kisses as she walks into school.  Meeting a friend for coffee.  Eli showing me his preschool artwork.  Eli jumping into the laundry.  Listening to Evie read.  Watching Eli zoom cars on her legs.  Seeing her excited when she spells her words right.  Texts from friends.  Eli liking the spaghetti.  Singing E’s in the bath tub.  All four of us in our bed reading a Bible story.  Catching up with Darin after tucking them in.  Taking time for me.

Trying hard not to get sucked into the day in and day out.  Trying hard not to focus on the dog poop.

Trying to recognize the breaks in the routine that make each day it’s own sent from heaven day.


Naomi - I have been very much feeling blah these days. In fact, i had the very same thought that life has been very monotonous these days…definitely feeling the winter blues. But, thank you for the reminder that there are the little moments every day that arent so blah. Ps…you are so good to pick up dog poop. We havent done that all winter. Ha.

michelle - This post and your reflections are why I still love project life. Once a week I sit down with our “mundane daily life” photos. And I look at them through the lens of TIME. 20 years from now all these moments that make up the mundane are going to be what I cherish.

Except the dog poop. I can’t foresee a time in my life to cherish that. ;)

Andrea - Thank you for the reminder that there are beautiful moments among the monotony. My days all run together. Same stuff every single day. The monotony is a bit soul killing some days.

tracey - Yes, please don’t focus on the dog poop. ;)
Have been sick for the last three days. I never get sick. SOOOOO ticked I’m sick. My brain is turning to mush.
Love that E is reading on the floor. :)

Heather M. - stacey, this inspired me so much this morning. thank you for your words and your heart. i needed to hear this. xo

gina - Oh so very true!!! xoxo

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