what i’m currently hearting


It’s Heart Day.  So let’s talk about what I’m hearting currently, shall we?  M’ kay.



Her. Above. I miss her and can’t wait to love her up again.

A little grain in my black and white photos.  It could just be a phase.  We’ll see.

Panera on Wednesday nights with my boys.  Just how many “pick 2” combos can I create?

Friends who keep it real and keep me accountable.

Evie and Eli playing in Evie’s room early in the morning.

My sweet pup currently lying on my lap.

My longer bangs.  I know I said I needed a trim two weeks ago.  Now I’m kindof hearting them.

Lightroom.  Yes, I’ve finally converted. And I’m in love.

A new comforter I found for a deal at TJ Maxx.  I never get a deal. Score.

Greek yogurt. I have never been a huge yogurt fan and now I have it every morning.

My camera.  And documenting us, in this house, in little picture stories.

Old Navy vintage t-shirts.  I live in those things.

Surprise cards in the mail.

Eli saying “I forgive you”, when he should be saying, “I’m sorry”.

The sun.  When it comes out. Which isn’t much. Which makes me heart it even more when it does.

Volunteering in Evie’s classroom.

Intentional quiet time.

Seeing Darin be so awesome with the kids on the days when I have to work.

My king sized bed.  Which I swore we would never get.  And now I really really heart it.

Snowball fights in the backyard.

Love it or List it.  Totally cheesy HGTV, but I’m a sucker for when they love it and they choose to stay in their home.

All you faithful blog readers….old and new.  I heart you.


Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.


Jean - “Eli saying “I forgive you”, when he should be saying, “I’m sorry”.” — Kids have their ways of making you laugh even unintended.

Intentional quiet time. — I love it more than ever now! I never really appreciated it, but now I do, I do! =)

Hope you had a great one, Stacey! XOXO

Heather M. - i heart your heart list. :) and that last photo of haddie.

susan keller - greek honey yogurt with fresh raspberries … mmmmmm. LR = awesome! And Love it or List it: I totally admit I’m always predisposed to them staying, even when it’s completely obvious they should move :-}. grain: I love it on my computer screen; not so fond of how it prints.

Andre - Great list! I need to buy LR4. Though I barely know what I’m doing in Elements – so maybe not! Lol. One of these days when I have the money. So did you get rid of elements then?…

Karli - LOL. I’m not a yogurt person either… recently i fell in love with this Greek honey flavored one.
Love it or list it – YES.
B&W with grain – me too!!! (Though how would you know? Too busy to post right now).
TT says she “forgives me” a lot. Um…. wrong way around sweet cheeks.
Panera bread – several times a week. Garden veggie soup, yum.
Sun – yes.
My long bangs…. well, maybe we differ there.

tracey - She is adorable. I’d miss her too! I love your list of loves. I am thrilled you are on the greek yogurt wagon. And thrilled about your tjmaxx find!
And I think its awesome that we basically did the same post today. With a baby photo and everything.

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