framed: he gets ready, she waits

michelle - Ever patient Leo. On the bed. Makes me laugh. ;)

Jean - Boys, I swear they take longer than girls! Just kidding.
This has lots of emotions (love the black & white) and then you have the two of them… doing their own thing… All the while, Leo is so chill!

Heather M. - i love that leo makes an appearance in this series too. :)

tracey - OH I love the light and little E. I look at Evie and think that’s exactly what Bean would be doing–rolling all over the bed with her legs in the air. Hilarious.

Karli - His hair in the light on #5. Oh dear. Big fat love it.

Andrea - These are the photos I saw last night! But then couldn’t find them here in your blog when I went to comment. Weird. Hopefully you got my email! :-)
Beautiful black and whites!!!

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