confession: i like bringing her and picking her up



I’ll admit it.  I like bringing her to school.  And I like picking her up.

I start out the school year insisting that she ride the bus.  So she gets used to the routine. So she knows where to go.  Because it’s nice out and we can walk to the bus stop.  But as soon as the weather turns cold she starts asking.  Can you drive me to school, mom?  Can you pick me up, mom?  I don’t take her and pick her up every day, but I love it when she asks and I love to do it.



So why is this a confession?  Because sometimes I feel like I’m spoiling her by bringing her and picking her up.  Like she should be riding the bus because she needs that social interaction.  It’s good for her.  Sometimes I feel like “that” overprotective mom.  I don’t need to bring her.  I don’t need to pick her up.  There is a bus that does that for me.



Then I have to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with wanting to bring my sweetie to school.  For wanting my face to be the last thing she sees before she go through those school doors, my “I love you” to be the last thing she hears. She gets enough friend interaction at school, missing ten minutes on the bus isn’t going to stunt her social development.  The little extra time and gas money is worth it to see the smile on her face when she steps out of the car and to have her tell me about her day on the ride back home.

And it’s not spoiling her, it’s loving on her.

I think sometimes we are so worried about spoiling our kids that we forget it’s not really spoiling them, it’s just loving on them.  And no one would argue with that.



(I also confess that sometimes I purposely take her to school to give us an extra half hour to get out the door which allows me to fully enjoy my coffee without being rushed. Which in turn makes everyone’s day better.  So really, taking her to school is benefitting all of us. Amen.)


Jean - There is nothing wrong w/ that! One of my sisters recently started a job that requires her to go to work before the kids went off to school. My sister and her 7 year old were crying because it’s unusual. I think that is great you do that for your daughter. I would have even thought about it being “spoiled” as my parents did that for us. It is love. Love has its way and it is great!

susan keller - well, you’ll get no guilt trip from me. I say Kudos to E for wanting the time with you and kudos to you for wanting the time with her. Drive on …

Heather - Oh and I adore those photos of her and I’m stealing that quilt (and your sweater that I should have taken in CA) when I visit you some day.

Heather - You are giving her the gift of your time and that’s the very best thing you could ever give her. And I rode the bus for years and years and saw things I wish I never would have seen so I personally think riding the bus isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (but that’s just me projecting my childhood onto the bus). ;)

Carla - Amen. :)
Great photos — I love how her personality shines through in them. I don’t see anything wrong with a little extra time and love.

Shannon - Best part of my day is driving E to school every am. Sharing those 10 minutes, holding hands while we pray for his day & the sweet kiss on the cheek as he goes into school. Such a blessing to be a mom.

Michelle - My kids should’ve ridden the bus all through elementary but didn’t start until 4th grade. The car time was too valuable for me and them. :) keep on driving, S.

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