oh santa cruz


I love Santa Cruz, I love surfers, I love the idea of surfing.

I love that I can have amazing friendships that can span many miles, I love the internet for this reason.

I love that I was able to meet some of these friends in real life, on this day, and walk with them on this beach.

I love a good rainbow, isn’t it beautiful Michelle?

I love shadows, chasing a boy in white shorts, seeing green.

I love sand in my shoes, the sound of the ocean, the sun in the trees.

I love a break, a time for myself, a fill up.

I love laughter, the feeling of the nervousness going away, hugs.

I love watching my friend take photos, hearing her voice, catching up where we left off.


Oh Santa Cruz, I love you.


Diana - Loving the beach photos but that fourth pic? My jaw literally dropped. Awesome lighting!

michelle - Awwww…. look at that rainbow!! :)

I love S.C. for all those reasons and more!

Susan Keller - oh my. Santa Cruz put on a really stupendous show for you all. I grew up regularly visiting SC, and I NEVER saw it this beautiful, glowy, amazing. Methinks God was shining down on your visit :-).

Naomi - Lovely my friend. That rainbow shot is stunning.

Amanda - I’m so glad you had some time away to reconnect with friends and refresh your soul. California is so beautiful and you’ve captured it so nicely.

Andrea - Beautiful.

tracey - Looking back on these photos I am once again amazed how utterly beautiful that day was. I wish you all were coming again tomorrow. :(

Heather M. - i love santa cruz too – for all the reasons you listed. i wish i was walking there with you today, sand between my toes, snapping away, chatting and laughing. those photos make me smile. it’s still so weird for me to see photos with me in them – i’m not used to that.

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