he is my son



He loves baths.

He has long eyelashes.



He needs encouragement.

He gets crabby when he’s tired.



He knows when you need a hug.

He loves to snuggle.



He is content being by himself.

He loves cheese.



He doesn’t like his clothes to be wet.

He loves a good book.



He loves to learn.

He doesn’t like to disappoint people.



He says he’s sorry a lot.

He’s very polite.



He resists change.

He’s independent, yet knows when to ask for help.



He has a special bond with our dog.

He often looks like he’s lost in contemplative thought.



He is sensitive yet strong.

He is my son.


michelle - He reminds me so much of my Aaron. Sons are so amazing. :)

Amanda - The color balance and simplicity of these photos = perfection. You have such a gift. And HE is an amazing kid. :)

tracey - Oh I love these so very very very much. That first photo…love. E is so sweet. Someday I will meet him!

Heather M. - oh, friend, this is beautiful! he sounds like such an amazing boy!

Naomi - So cute. Love the photos. Did you write this for me to remind me how great boys are? Ha :)

Carla - ♥♥♥

gina - so sweet and so adorable!

andrea - Lovely photos. Such a sweet guy. :-)
Sounds a lot like Max and a lot like me. :-)
Hope you’re week is going well, friend.

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