it’s nice when people get you



The other night D and I had just put the kids to bed and as he was walking out of Evie’s room, he saw me in the hallway with my camera snapping away.  He gave me an “oh there you are with your camera again” look, but didn’t say a word, and walked downstairs as I fumbled with my high ISO and tried to capture my sleeping boy with just the light of his moon lamp.  After many years of basically having a camera as a third arm, he’s learned that it’s not abnormal for me to whip it out at the strangest of times.  He doesn’t give me a weird look when I’m shooting the dirty dishes on the counter, or roll his eyes when I ask the kids to quick go outside because the light is so beautiful.  He has never once questioned me spending my money on expensive photography equipment.  He’s okay with me telling him to just stay there for a second while I run and get my camera. I think he’s starting to understand the photography jargon, and he’s even helped me figure out my editing programs.  He is incredibly patient as I get the photo “just so” on family outings.

And he no longer questions why I’m shooting the seaweed in the sand when the big beautiful ocean is in front of me.  Because he sees the whole picture.  He is supportive and gets me.  And isn’t it the best feeling in the world when someone gets you?

It’s nice to have people in my life, not just my husband, who get me and who I am and what I do.

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Jean - I loooooooove this! Everyone that knows me, knows how odd ball and quirky that I am… and it’s good to know that I can be me without being judged. What a relief. Although, I will not work hard at being who I am not. It really is a good feeling to have your other half supportive and encouraging. B actually told me that I taught him how to see things in a new perspective with my photography… he also gifts me with the equipment that I sometimes look at him, like “that’s too expensive. i am not worthy of it.” but he knows the whole photography shindig. It is a great feeling when someone gets you and not just ask… why are you taking a picture of that seaweed.

It’s always great to have supportive/encouraging people around you. To push you to the next level instead of ever making you feel discouraged. You’re an inspiration, Stacey. I really do adore your work.

gina - so, so, very true

janet - I’m finally getting there, and I lov

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Heather M. - It’s such a gift, isn’t it? So grateful you are one of those people for me. :)

Susan Keller - this photo is all sorts of lovely. lovely, soft sunset colors, lovely sand mirror reflections, lovely Tracey, lovely that all you kindred spirits were together in the same lovely place.

people who *get* us are awesome. *husbands* who *get* us are the absolute BEST.

Andrea - Beautiful.
You are lucky to have people who get you! A precious thing. :-)

tracey - Smile. This made me cry. I know exactly what photo I was taking because it is one of my favorite from that night. I will post it for you soon!
Hugs to a friend who “gets me”.

Carla - I love this. All of it.

michelle - Yes. It’s so nice when we don’t have to explain or make excuses or feel like a weirdo. :)

Laura - Absolutely. I don’t feel like I’ve reached that point with anyone in my life yet. I must be incredibly hard to understand. But your sentiments and that photo are sweet and wonderful.

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